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Thursday, June 6, 2013

OLTL: Thoughts on Episode 18

Here are my thoughts and a brief summary about episode eighteen (June 6, 2013) of One Life to Live.

David, Jack and Sam are editing footage for David's reality show "The Real Life and Times of Vickerman." Dorian comes in and wonders who Rama is, and Jack says she doesn't need a name she's just hotness. David wishes that he had a celebrity for his reality show, while Dorian says she is one. He says that he isn't sure if he should as it wouldn't make her happy. Sam doesn't want to go to bed, and says he has to do some math. Eventually Jack carries him upstairs to sleep. Dorian and David finish their conversation, though he is skeptical about it.

Rama wearing a sari, has set up a special event for Vimal as he has a date tonight. He wants equality as she has gone out on two dates, and he hasn't gone on any. Rama reminds him of their relationship, but he leaves, then comes back saying he forgot her and kisses her on the bed. Vimal called off his date, and said he did what he did to sweep her off her feet. They are in bed together, and Vimal admits he couldn't be happier with anyone else.

Snoop gives Dani a poster, while she and Jeffrey fight over who gets the signed item. They leave the room, so Snoop can give Matthew some advice about being a dad. Snoop is smoking, but won't give any to Matthew as Bo and Nora would kill him. Snoop tells Matthew that he is no longer "Little B", and that he will do the right thing. We hear the new OLTL theme, and Snoop leaves. Dani makes a comment that the room smells like her old art teacher. Matthew decides to put the poster once it is framed in the living room. Nora and Bo talk about her radio show. Bo got someone to create posters and a social media campaign, she wants to do it anonymously as the "night bird" not as "Ask Nora." Bo is her biggest fan and hopes for the best, but she will only do one show.

Todd is looking at the envelope with the logo and opens it. Ominous music is playing. It has the following names in it: Dani, Jack, Starr, Sam, Blair, Viki, Tea and Natalie.

General thoughts about this episode:

Today really felt like a midweek episode as that was what it was originally scheduled to be. The closing with Todd was a cliffhanger, but otherwise the show had nothing to do with that note. The sense of time on this episode compared to the last also threw me or else Sam has a really early bedtime.  The stuff at the Cramer abode seemed cute. Vimal and Rama had more personal development in this episode than what we saw on ABC's OLTL. I liked that, but some may have been bored. Snoop's drug use never would have flown on the old version of the show either, but from what we know about the guy it was appropriate.

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