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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

AMC: Thoughts on Episode 22

Here are my thoughts and a brief summary about episode twenty-two (June 19, 2013) of All My Children.

While Zach looks on, Lea wonders how Cassandra made it home, questioning Jesse. Dixie and Anders are explaining how Cassandra needs to detox. Angie mentions how even though Cassandra is home this hell isn't over for any of them. Jesse is okay with David checking in on Cassandra and even thanks David for saving her life. Angie thanks God that David found her. Back at Angie and Jesse's house, Lea and Zach are investigate why Cassandra was dropped off there. Anders and Dixie discuss working together on Cassandra's case. Jesse calls Uri  dubbing him as a son of a flea-ridden whore and he plans to tell the feds everything. Uri responds with a threat of his own: he'll hurt Natalia and Randi by kidnapping them just like Cassandra. Then Uri says he owns him, and that he should never forget that.  Cassandra, Angie and Dixie are together in Cass's hospital room. Jesse, Zach and Lea are now in the room, and Cass mentions how she heard Jesse's voice, which made her feel that she would be rescued.

Gretchen, a realtor, asks Opal if she is interested in selling Cortlandt Manor. At the Talk Tempo studio, Brooke introduces Celia to Dimitri. Dimitri offers her a job as an intern and Celia says that it is doubtful that her guardian will agree to it. Opal and Pete get to the television studio as David is speaking for Cortech. Dimitri admits that he and Palmer didn't always agree, but they respected one another. Opal and Dimitri have a happy reunion, and she explains how Erica is out of town.  Brooke explains how Dimitri is working as the executive producer of the show, and Opal is glad he's staying in Pine Valley. Celia and Pete spar as Celia shares what Opal told her. Pete gets annoyed with his mother for sharing that information, though Pete admits he has signed paperwork for a new place. Opal makes a phone call about changing her mind. Gretchen is now with Billy Clyde and he is ready to buy the house. Opal and Pete are talking again and she assures him that she didn't mention about Colby being in his bed. Dimitri and Brooke are working together well. Celia meets with Evelyn outside Jane's Addiction and tells her about the internship. Evelyn thinks this is a great idea. Billy Clyde signs the paperwork for Cortlandt Manor with a picture of Palmer in the background.

JR looks at the steroids again and puts them in his gym bag, Cara walks in and gets on him for overexercising. Cara wants him to not get injured. She shows him a picture of her son Oliver on the beach. Cara tells JR they should take a walk together. JR and Cara discuss missing time with their children. He makes a call, as she gets some dessert for a care package to Puerto Rico. JR gives Cara tickets to an amusement park, and will fly her to see Oliver for a vacation.

General thoughts about the episode:

Jesse looks to be in hot water as his secret pact with Uri may be revealed. He hadn't told anyone about his conversation with the sex trafficker. It was good to see Dimitri in scenes with other people and to see Opal interact in story that had nothing to do with Pete. I'm waiting for it to be revealed that David is paying someone to follow Cara and he discovers that Oliver is alive.

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