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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

OLTL: Thoughts on Episode 19

Here are my thoughts and a brief summary about episode nineteen (June 11, 2013) of One Life to Live.

Matthew came over to Bo and Nora's place with laundry for dinner. They are having Matthew's favorite lasagna and Bo and Matthew discuss a microbrew. Destiny is at the door without Drew as he has a cold and left with a sitter. Both Matthew and Destiny are surprised to see each other as this dinner was supposed to just be for family. Matthew and Destiny start arguing, and Bo quips to Nora that perhaps they should hide the china. David and Dorian are at home, and Matthew calls him for help for the family dinner. David says they are a package deal, so of course she is invited. David and Dorian come in and David says they all have long faces. The meal gets incredibly awkward, as Bo and Nora figure out what Matthew did. Destiny and Matthew agree that they were set up and finally get along, which pleases Bo and Nora. Dorian and Bo get on each other over the food, as she doesn't like black food, while he feels once it is black it is done. Matthew has too missed calls from Michelle, so he decides to go. Then everyone else leaves. Nora is getting ready for her online radio show, and Bo is encouraging.

Blair brings Clint and Viki to their seats at the dinner club at Shelter. Viki is stressed about her money, while Clint just wants to have a good dinner. Blair mentions the posters and breakbeat music though she doesn't know what it is when Clint asks her. The special dessert of the night was a volcano. Natalie is drinking coffee mentions it is ecstasy sees some guys and says not like that. Then a process server gives her a subpoena. Cutter tells Blair that she looks sexy, than says he needs to interview some girls for work. Blair than asks what breakbeat is. Jeffrey interrupts Clint and Viki. An upset and crying Natalie called Tea for legal help as John is saying that Natalie is neglecting Liam as he hasn't been allowed to see the boy. Jeffrey starts talking about Ezra Klein and Clint starts researching him -- he wants to be the next version of Ezra's blog. Jeffrey leaves inspired by this idea to get to work. Natalie joins Clint and Viki sharing her news about John. Tea calls and fills her in about the restraining order. Natalie doesn't understand what is going on, and neither does Viki, but Clint stays quiet. Viki and Clint say goodnight to Natalie. We see her leaving a voicemail for John, and she asks for a scotch on the rocks. Cutter tells the bartender all of her drinks are free tonight.

Todd comes and tells Blair that he needs to talk to her, but she is really busy. Todd says to her if she ever trusted him that he needs to trust him now and that Victor is somehow involved in what has gone wrong at Shelter. Todd tells Blair that they need to leave the club as he has to show her something. She thought all Todd wanted to show her was the breaker box. Blair tries to go back into Shelter, and Todd pushes her down to the ground as a gun shot is fired.

Next is a BONUS: The Hidden Perils of being a Soap Star….. Nearly everyone in the cast, plus special guest Snoop Lion gets attacked by the clapper board (aka action board). Brandon who has that job also gets himself hurt, and some of the actors want to get him back though this doesn't happen on screen. Though Bob Woods (Bo) does swear and threaten.

General thoughts about this episode:

Unfortunately we couldn't hear the dialogue in the previews. Having Dorian come over to Bo and Nora's with David was amusing as I was waiting for that to happen. Matthew and Destiny getting along was nice, though he has another interest (Michelle). I'm glad that Viki and Clint left Shelter before the breakbeat portion of the evening started as that would have been extremely strange to see them there. Blair having no idea what that kind of music was surprising as it has been a genre for decades (check out YouTube to find mixes that are over 15 years old.)

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