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Thursday, November 24, 2011

ATWT: Bonus Thanksgiving Episode

Soapclassics.com has the November 24, 1999 episode of As the World Turns up for Thanksgiving. Here are my thoughts on this show.

This holiday is hard for Margo (Ellen Dolan) as she is accused of murder. Adam is upset over the idea of his mother going to prison. He’s upset with his father Hal (Benjamin Hendrickson), as he was the one who arrested her. At this time, Barbara (Colleen Zenk) and Hal are together and Tom (Scott Holmes) and Margo are back together. There is talk of the case, and Margo wants the body to be exhumed. They all go through and list what they are thankful for: Will, Casey, Adam, Jennifer all list their blessings, as do the adults.

At the Snyder farm, Lily (Martha Byrne) misses baby Hope as she is with Denise (Cassandra Creech). There is awkwardness as Holden is there with his daughter Abigail (Kristina Sisco) and his mother Molly (Leslie Kay). Cal (Patrick Tovatt) came to visit. Emma (Kathleen Widdoes) tries to keep the peace, while Lucinda (Elizabeth Hubbard) feels for Lily. Jack (Michael Park) and Carly (Maura West) are together with little Parker.

Ben (Peter Parros) is at WOAK with Bob (Don Hastings), Kim (Kathryn Hays), Nancy (Helen Wagner), Chris (Paul Korver), Lisa (Eileen Fulton), Andy (Scott DeFreitas), and Katie (Terri Conn). They are having an event to feed the homeless. Eventually Lily, Holden, Molly and Abigail also go to WOAK. This is done in such a way that Chris doesn’t see Molly and Abigail, which fit into later story. Also Denise and Andy talk, but she makes sure that Andy doesn’t see baby Hope, as Andy is her biological father.

Julia (Annie Parisse) and Jake (Tom Eplin) are stuck together in a warehouse while investigating. They only have tuna fish to eat. Lucinda is worried that something is wrong, as she hasn’t heard from them. While trying to escape, they find a door, and then a dead guy.

The show ends with a Bob speech about what Thanksgiving means to him. It goes over scenes of Oakdale including Hal and Barbara’s house and the Snyder farm. Kim and Nancy also say a few words and it ends with Kim and Bob together. This was a very typical holiday episode, but in a good way. These are the kind of episodes that one seldom sees outside of soap opera ergo they are the type that makes me sentimental if not a bit sad. We see family and friends come together and get along for a day, and take the time to count the positive things in their life.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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