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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Thoughts on Hollyoaks - End of 2014

This entry on Hollyoaks is through the UK airing schedule not the US one on Hulu, so anything through the end of 2014 may be mentioned. There are spoilers if someone is watching on Hulu.com, so please be aware while reading this entry.

The show has major families so I'm breaking down the stories in that fashion. Some characters don't have families on screen anymore, so they'll be with the characters that they share the most story with at the present time.

The Blacks

Grace and Trevor enlisted Esther to carry a child for them after Esther stole money from the couple to buy a coffee shop. Esther got involved with Kim (Lindsey's sister), and they seem relatively happy. Grace still wishes to know who killed her father.

The Blakes

Nico now knows that Dodger is her father, so she was created in incest as Dodger and Sienna are twins. Earlier in the year, Nico lost her one functioning kidney in the train crash and Theresa went through surgery and saved her. Prior to surgery, Theresa had a child with Dodger she named Myra Pocahontas. She went to prison, pregnant, but we didn't know it until she nearly gave birth. Patrick also was nearly roadkill, though he survived. Maxine went to prison for a bit, but eventually was cleared, though not before Patrick tried to steal baby Minnie. Maxine, Patrick and Sienna were responsible for the car accident that caused the train derailment, but no one knows this fact.

The Cunninghams

Cindy went to the unit to get help for her bipolar breakdown. She tried to kill her daughter Holly. Now that she is doing better, she's home with her family. Jason, Holly's boyfriend, lied about his food issues blaming Cindy, which caused some problems. Cindy and Jason try to get along with one another for Holly's sake, but it is difficult. Dirk proposed to Cindy and they plan to stay together. Blessing left town and Dennis followed, it seems they are getting a happy ending. Before Dennis left town, his father Charles, a doctor, came to Hollyoaks, and we saw why Dennis was close to his Uncle Dirk. George left town too, and got back together with his former love.

The Lomaxes

Leela and Peri still don't act like mother and daughter, but they seem to like one another better. Leela and Cameron are back together as Ziggy hooked up with Tegan while stuck in the hospital elevator. Tegan believed she was pregnant, but in actuality her cancer returned. Sadly, the first round of treatment has not been as successful as it should have been. Tegan also discovered that her daughter Rose, wasn't biologically her child as she had the wrong blood type. She realized that Diane and Tony's daughter Dee Dee must be her child. Peri and Tom had sex for the first time, and they aren't sure how to interact with each other anymore. Cameron's past is also an issue for the Lomax family.

The McQueens

Carmel died in the train crash to the horror of her family as did Sonny, who the ladies tried to kill earlier, but survived. She tried to take Kathleen Angel away from her mother Theresa as she believed her cousin was unfit. Less than two weeks later, Mercedes died during the day of Carmel's service. What is awful is that Mercedes and Myra weren't getting along at the time of her death. Nana McQueen had a series of mini-strokes, which made her memory spotty. She's why Esther was able to steal all that money from Grace. John Paul admitted his rape to everyone after Finn attacked Nancy. Myra came back to town recently and everyone who didn't know she faked her death was stunned by her return. Phoebe dated Robbie and they were intimate, but he broke up with her due to his feelings for Nancy. The newest McQueens in town were Porsche and Celine. Porsche married Lockie even though he's bisexual and hit on John Paul before the wedding. Porsche likes him because he's Scottish (sounding like David Tennant) and thinks it is awesome that he chose her when he is attracted to both sexes. Sadly their wedding reception took place on a train, and that's when Carmel was killed. If there is a bad omen for a marriage, having deaths at the reception is one of them. Celine is a nurse at the hospital, and went out with Ziggy. Once she saw Tegan and Ziggy interact, she got away from that potential relationship. John Paul and Ste became engaged and later got married at Christmas even though Myra was against the union. For their "dos" before the wedding, they both dressed as their favorite Spice Girl Ginger. Sinead told Ste about the pregnancy right before the wedding, and he locks her out of the ceremony. At the reception she tells everyone, and John Paul is rightfully upset. Eventually John Paul comes around and will welcome the child into their family.

The O'Connors

Finn remains in prison for his crime against John Paul and his attack of Nancy. Diane was horrified when she found out that Tony and Sinead had an affair. She went through with the wedding to Tony and then said she'd take everything away in a divorce. Sinead is pregnant and Ste is the father as they had a one night stand. Tony and Sinead were together as a "real" couple for a time, but he cannot forgive her for sleeping with someone else. He blasted her at a holiday meal, but was sympathetic after Sinead got hit by a car by Dodger and nearly died. It looks like Diane may be able to forgive Sinead now that she doesn't have to deal with her daughter, having her husband's child.

The Osbornes

Jack and Frankie didn't have much to do in the recent months though they appeared for New Year's Eve as owners of "The Dog in the Pond." Nancy slept with Rick while engaged to Darren and while they wed their marriage is over again. Darren was stunned to hear what Nancy did especially in court, and later Nancy's drug addiction returned. She had it under control, but started to take pills again after being attacked by Cameron, who needed the money.

The Roscoes

Sandy left town and returned at the end of the year. Joe was devastated to discovered that his fiance Lindsey was hooking up with his brother Freddie behind his back as he walked in on them in the garage. Lindsey wasn't exactly sure who the father of Joe Jr. was, but she wasn't telling. Freddie may have been responsible for Mercedes dying. He had no idea they had been together before, and now he was livid. Ziggy is dating, but doesn't have a steady relationship. Robbie and Jason were in a bout due to their father Rick. Robbie won, but Jason should have so a lot of money was lost. Robbie still has inappropriate feelings for Nancy, but at least he is no longer underage, so Nancy won't be copying her late sister Becca's mistakes. Jason has been fighting his eating disorder and losing. He's miserable, but Holly is trying to help his plight.

That's my quick summary of the last part of Hollyoaks for 2014. The show is gearing up for a serial killer story as people's lives have been in danger like Theresa who was overdosed. There has been news of departures of characters in 2015, and I wonder if Will's return from prison will tie into that. The McQueens for example already feel like a new family without Mercedes and Carmel, so we'll have to see.

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