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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas in Soapland 2014 - CBS Edition

This is my write up of what happened on the CBS soaps for Christmas 2014.

The Bold and the Beautiful did a non-traditional episode as the actors visited Union Rescue Mission in Los Angeles. The performers spoke to real life clients of the mission and volunteered that day on skid row. This was a callback to how Stephanie and Dazyee became friends though Dazyee wasn't mentioned. What was weird is how Maya felt uncomfortable, as she needed and accepted helped in the past. They were in character speaking to the people, but in actuality the actors just posed questions as stories were shared. Eric, Rick, Othello, Maya, Aly, Carter and Ivy took part. The show ended with Karla Mosley (Maya) singing an original tune called "Spirit of Season".  This was a great episode though sad in some ways and hopeful in others because it was real life.

The Young and the Restless had two Christmas episodes one that aired on Christmas Eve and the other on Christmas Day in the US.

Faith spent Christmas Eve as Sharon's home. Nick stayed for a time as he was dressed as Santa Claus. Mariah was called away by Kevin, as Harding's rabbit Roscoe went missing. They discovered that Harding's rabbit ran away because it was a girl who gave birth. Mariah dubbed the rabbit Roxie. They both wondered if Sharon would allow Faith to adopt a bunny. While Mariah was away, Victor visited and asked why Nick would spend any part of Christmas around Sharon. This was for Faith and didn't mean that he was reunited with his former wife. Noah and Courtney go to Sharon's house as it seems they are still dating. We haven't seen her in weeks so I wasn't sure. Prior to going to Sharon's home, Victor and Nikki argued about the party for the developers as Crimson Lights was in jeopardy. Nikki and Dylan had a good holiday together as he gave her pictures and mementos from his childhood that she missed. Victor returned and Dylan and Nikki said their goodbyes.

Neil's home was a hub of activity as the twins and Moses were in attendance. Colin and Jill are also there to spend time with the grandchildren. Hilary and Devon make faces at one another, but Neil and Lily are none the wiser. Jill and Cane disagree about the development situation as Jill doesn't want that historic part of Genoa city to disappear. Neil reads to the kids as he practiced braille, and then it seemed like he was starting to get his vision back again. Jill and Colin leave to join Michael, Lauren and Fen at the penthouse. Kevin also arrives late due to the bunny. Michael Lauren and Fen all deal with the "elephant" that is cancer and have a good holiday together as Jill and Colin come for dessert though they have no idea what the Baldwins are facing.

On Christmas Day, Summer and Austin made the rounds. Austin made a special video for Phyllis that caught her up with everything she missed while she was in a coma. Phyllis watched the video and became emotional. After they left, Phyllis and Jack had some sexy alone time due to the blackout.

Nick dropped Faith off at the ranch, and shared a cowboy picture Faith drew of him. It was a class assignment so no big deal to her. Nikki and Nick spend time together at the Underground as both seem out of sorts. They both have demons, she's overcome them, but knows he can too.

Chelsea and Billy are together at the penthouse though split up to make holiday visits. Chelsea went to the ranch, so Victor could see Connor. She quipped that her and Billy being together made life easier for Victor as it kept him away from Victoria. At Victoria's, Stitch is spending the day with her and the kids. Stitch gives her a locket for her kids' photos and the phone rings. Max is on the line and Victoria admits to Stitch, she told Jenna the truth about the past. Billy walks in and plays with Johnny as the lights go out throughout town.

Devon and Hilary are in Chancellor park alone together after lying about where they were going. Devon gives Hilary an eternity ring and promises her that. She says she'll keep it until they are able to really be together. They kiss and reaffirm their love.

Avery and Dylan discuss last Christmas at Crimson Lights and hope they have more in the future. Paul comes in and says hello to his son, as Christine stayed home as she was feeling ill from her pregnancy. Summer and Austin come in sharing how there seems to be a city-wide blackout and the coffee shop is the only place with power. Paul calls it in, confirms it and makes does police chief related duties due to the ice storm. Nick, Nikki, Chelsea, the children, Victor, Stitch, Billy, Victoria all also appear. There is a flashback to an old Victor and Nikki scene as he gives her a strawberry. Jack and Phyllis ended their sexy times or just made out and left the Abbott mansion. Nick thanks Dylan and his emergency generator, though Dylan admits to not having one. We see Faith looking into a snow globe also.

I don't understand why Jack and Phyllis would leave the Abbott mansion in an ice storm instead of having sex or why they wouldn't have a generator. (Then again the whole no sex thing could be because it was a Christmas episode, but what do I know.) The lights staying on at the coffee shop was perhaps a Christmas miracle, but truly isn't that what Hanukah is about, though probably they'd have a generator that was out of oil that continued to work. (There is a Disney tv movie with that theme, that I watched over the holidays.) I like how Y&R handles the whole awkward modern family that Chelsea, Billy and Victoria have with their children.

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