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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas in Soapland 2014 - Days of Our Lives Edition

This is my write up of what happened on Days of Our Lives for Christmas 2014.

The two Christmas episodes for Days of Our Lives aired on Christmas Day and Boxing Day, but in Salem time it was Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Thursday's Episode

Marlena and Roman spoke to Sami via video chat. Lucas went to Los Angeles to spend the holiday with her and the kids. Prior to going to the pub, Eric and Serena talk about how Nicole investigated her. He brought her a poinsettia as a tree wouldn't have been appropriate. Theresa gave Caroline a gift that she made herself. She asked her Grandmother not to tell anyone that she made the bookmark for her Bible. Kayla doesn't understand how Theresa is so kind in some cases, but in others is not... Kayla's son Joey actually appeared on this episode. Abe and Theo also go to the Brady Pub. Serena goes with the boys to look at the new Legos.

Ciara wants to bet Chase again this time that their parents would kiss under the mistletoe. Abby opened the door to Ben and they had to kiss due to the mistletoe. Ciara and Chase saw the kiss and made the bet. Julie wanted to meet Paige, who wasn't at Christmas due to Eve's machinations keeping her in California. Eve recalled sleeping with JJ again. Paige confronted Eve about how Shane wasn't actually seriously ill. JJ explained why Paige wasn't there, and Julie and Doug hoped for the best as they all believed Shane was sick. Jennifer wondered why JJ and Paige couldn't still be friends. Hope and Jennifer talk about Aiden and how everyone is getting along, though she didn't expect another holiday without Bo. That being said, Hope is happy with her life. Doug and Ciara were plotting together and he's the official family photographer. He tells Hope and Aiden that Julie made him, but gets them under the mistletoe. They kiss so Ciara won the bet. Jennifer comes and shares it is time for Mass. Chase has to give Ciara, 5 dollars. (Of course, the Hortons going to Mass doesn't make sense because other than Ciara the rest of the family isn't Catholic. Aiden and Chase are but Jennifer and Abby aren't.)

Maggie is surprised by Victor's gift a figurine that she had gotten from Alice that Sarah broke as a child.  She never thought she'd see another one again. Victor gave it as an apology. Adrienne comes in and joins Maggie, Victor and Brady, who thinks he will never be as good of a gift giver as his Grandfather Victor.

Daniel, Melanie and Parker were playing together until Nicole arrived. Melanie went outside the apartment door and called her a bitch. Nicole gave Melanie fruitcake, which she said is enough for everyone, while Melanie gave Nicole alcohol that Nicole wouldn't be sharing. Daniel invited Nicole along, but she didn't want their first date to be at Victor's home. (Considering Victor and Nicole were married that was a good idea.) Nicole stayed back at Daniel's apartment. By themselves, Daniel told Melanie to not antagonize Nicole. Daniel and Parker came back to the apartment, and Nicole had dessert she baked for them.

Melanie, Daniel and Parker enter Victor's mansion, and Parker runs to Maggie. Sonny is with his family, Daniel and Brady give a speech to Victor. With Justin's help, they were able to find Victor's mother's Bible that had been missing for decades. There is sadness when Victor quotes a passage. Melanie thanks Brady again for his help. Later Melanie and Brady see each other in the park.

Sonny wants to spend Christmas Eve with Will, but Ari is sick so Will took him by himself to the Bradys and Sonny was at Victor's home. Serena tells Will that she likes his writing. They would meet again at Horton Square for Mass.

There is a montage to "Hark the Herald Angel Sing"...Eve is with Paige at home with presents. Most of the Bradys, Hortons and Kiriakis clans are in Horton Square. Daniel, Parker and Nicole are together and Parker puts the baby into the manger scene. The episode ends with a close-up of the baby Jesus figurine.

Friday's episode

Hope came to the hospital with Aiden's gifts and gave them to Kayla. Hope thinks that Kayla doesn't like Aiden because of Bo. Kayla says she is just concerned and Hope doesn't want to discuss it again.

Ciara, Aiden, and Chase are playing as Doug, Julie and Jennifer appear. Julie asks Aiden about his past. Doug and Julie wonder what Aiden is hiding. He tries to avoid the subject as Julie mentions how an article about how he is a legal shark. He feels relived it isn't about something else. Jennifer, Maggie and Victor talk about a package that Lucas sent. Will and Sonny arrive alone, and Jennifer and Abby wonder where JJ is. Sonny was presented with his ornament as Will's husband, as that was the gift from Lucas. The rest of the family then puts up the ornaments including those for the people who weren't there. Julie talks to the tree about how some memories of those who are gone are pleasant and some are not.

Parker is opening presents in front of Daniel, Melanie, Maggie and Victor. When alone, Melanie tells Daniel about how Brady got her back at the hospital in spite of the hiring freeze.

Brady is surprised by John appearing at the mansion and wishing him a Merry Christmas.

Chad calls Sonny. Will is holding Ari and they are with Marlena and Kate. Marlena is worried that the baby has a fever. Will got off the phone with the doctor who suggested that the baby stay home as she may be contagious. Marlena agrees to stay back to watch the baby, as Kate answers a phone call from Chelsea and Billie. Marlena has a rabbit puppet with little Ari, and John comes by, which thrills her. John told Marlena that he is home for good.

Theresa wonders why Eve is home, as she thought they would be in LA with Daddy. Paige is in the square and calls out to JJ. She wonders what is wrong when she kisses him and he doesn't respond. Theresa gave Eve a great gift of vinyl albums. They continue to chat, and Theresa recalls seeing Brady and Melanie together in the park. JJ doesn't have a gift for Paige and tells her they are done after she gave him a wrapped present. JJ told Paige it was over and she didn't understand why and he didn't say. Eve was playing jazz music on the phonograph as Paige returns home.

Theo, Chad and Abe are together. Theo really enjoys his present, and talks to Stefano via the telephone. Stefano can't return to Salem due to his tax issues. Kate arrived at the mansion and Stefano overheard her. Chad and Kate talk about Clyde and Tammy Sue.

Melanie, Daniel, and Parker say hello to Maxine on Christmas. Jennifer and Daniel interact in a friendly manner. Maggie brought in Abe as the substitute Santa and Theo acted as the elf. Abby read the Bible passage about Jesus' birth, though they cut it off, she also mentioned her Great Grandfather Tom. They went back to the story, and we see everyone at the hospital smiling. Joey asks why they were afraid, and then  said he did a shocked face when hearing what would he do if an angel appeared. The kids clapped and then everyone started singing "Silent Night".

Everyone that was at the hospital came to the Horton house even if they weren't related to the Hortons. Ciara mentioned how she was an evil stepsister, which was really cool. Aiden tells Hope that he will kiss her wherever she is. She tells him the Christmas was so much better than she ever thought possible. Melanie looked at Nick's ornament and Gabi's broken one, which showed how much life has changed.

Maggie gave the holiday speech and mentioned how it was good how they would continue with the old traditions. She mentions how the house will always be a safe haven and it broke the fourth wall. Then everyone at the Horton house hugged and or kissed. The episode ended with a shot of the Tom and Alice ornaments on the tree.

Those were the highlights of the Days of Our Lives Christmas episodes for 2014.

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