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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas in Soapland 2014 - General Hospital Edition

Here is my Christmas in Soapland post for General Hospital's 2014 holiday episode.

Maxie got a great surprise for Christmas, she was able to see her little girl Georgie. Spinelli was at his home in Portland and with the court's approval Maxie spent the day with them. Ellie was at work, so Georgie spent it with both of her parents. Nathan used his mother's influence to get Judge Walters to change his mind. Obrecht told Monica Quartermaine she'd lose her job as head of cardiology if he wouldn't reverse his decision. Since Monica and the Judge are dating, she was able to convince him to allow the visit. We also finally discovered why Judge Walters was so harsh with Maxie as he had a daughter he pampered who ended up getting herself killed by driving drunk right into a tree.

Obrecht also told the Christmas story, but instead of the "normal" one, she shared the tale of Krampus. He's evil and keeps children in line using fear unlike Santa Claus. The kids except for Joss looked kind of horrified by the story. To learn the history of Krampus, this article from National Geographic goes into detail. From searching otherwise online, I discovered Krampus comes before Christmas unlike Santa Claus (sort of like the Belsnickel in Pennsylvania Dutch tradition except he has no horns).

My favorite part of the episode was seeing Liz and Ric be reunited. She believed he was dead, and it seemed like both decided to go back to where they left off before they were separated. Liz nearly kissed Jake under the origami mistletoe that Cameron asked Jake to help him place as he wanted to kiss Emma. Meanwhile at the hospital, Patrick and Sam kissed as she forgave him. Molly told TJ spent the holiday together and also kissed. Alexis and Julian broke up again as while he was honest with her, she couldn't abide by his business dealings. The First Noel as sung by Obrecht played at the end of the episode. This was the first Christmas that Obrecht and Nathan spent together as mother and child.

That's my quick write up of the Christmas Eve episode of General Hospital for 2014.

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