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Monday, December 22, 2014

Thoughts about Neighbours Last Months of 2014

The last episode of Australian soap opera Neighbours aired on Friday, December 5, 2014. Below I'm going to do a quick write-up about what has been going on in recent months.

Since the program takes place in a different hemisphere, I nearly called this Summer of 2014, but I didn't want to confuse anyone reading this entry. This reflects what has aired Aussie timing, not what has been available on Hulu or to the British audience, whose broadcasts ended two weeks earlier, so the Christmas episodes will air there in 2015.

Sonya had a stalker, who was revealed to be her her friend Erin. They had been extremely close until Sonya got her life back on track. Erin blamed Sonya for her addiction, but Sonya still wanted to help. During the stalker story, Mark got injured, and was a great friend to Sonya and Toadie. What Naomi did to break up Toadie and Sonya earlier in the year, didn't effect them long term.

Sheila and Kyle were thrilled that his father Gary was back in Erinsborough. Gary had abandoned Kyle, so he grew up without a father. Naomi was skeptical of her brother, but couldn't do anything about the situation. Kyle and Georgia renewed their vows in front with just their family in tow. While Georgia has a great job at the hospital, Kyle is still struggling and wants the best for his wife. Sadly, Gary took advantage of his son's support. Naomi started a new business for event planning, and with the help of volunteers designed a wonderful Christmas Carol event for Erinsborough.

Paul was cheated by an ex-love, but thankfully the cops caught up with her and he and Daniel avoided prosecution. Daniel and Amber were happy together, until Raine came into the picture. Raine was Daniel's former love, who decided to brainwash Amber to break up with him. Though her plan was discovered, Amber decided perhaps it was best that they take a break. During the last few months, Imogen fell for Daniel, and they shared a kiss, but he feels nothing for her. Josh admitted to Amber that he still loved her even though she broke his heart.

Brad and Lauren dealt with the fallout from their kiss. Brad nearly lost Terese as she couldn't deal with his deception. Matt and Lauren became stronger than ever, and Paige moved in with them. Terese was attacked by her former boss Ezra, and due to job loss he was suing both Terese and Paul. To make Ezra leave town, Paul paid Gary to beat him before knowing that Gary was Sheila's son.

Karl and Susan celebrated their 20th year in the neighbourhood and the show treated the audience with clips of Alan Fletcher and Jackie Woodburne throughout the years. Back in the day, they were the couple who would skinny dip in neighbors' pools and such. They are still together and happy though they had some silly adventures. Due to his job as a doctor, Karl had Lou lie that he was the author of his scandalous book, which referenced Karl and Susan's sex life. Unfortunately, this book doesn't actually exist. Karl became obsessed with a fake pig lawn ornament he dubbed Elvis that Susan despised. The only serious story they had was regarding to Nate. He was dealing with PTSD from his time in Afghanistan. Hearing Nate's stories, hurt Susan's psyche and she started having nightmares. Later, Nate accidentally buried her (this was part of the UK cliffhangers.) Nate planned to find a new psychiatrist in the new year. Chris was still dealing with his emotional and physiological issues from Josh's punch. He isn't the man he once was, but Nate is staying by his side. Josh got community service for his behavior, and is trying to be a better person.

Those are the highlights of the last few months of Neighbours for 2014. Hopefully 2015 will be a great year for the show celebrating its 30th anniversary on television.

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