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Monday, December 8, 2014

GH: Bye Bye Britta

Today (December 8, 2014) was Kelly Thiebaud's final appearance as Britt Westbourne on "General Hospital. Below I write about her departure.

Kelly decided to leave her role on GH as Britt aka Britta (as her mother Liesel calls her) or the Britch as her detractors did on screen. The character was given an open ended departure, as Britt left town with her biological father Faison (Anders Hove). Britt helped Spencer to run away, so if she stayed she'd have faced charges. Of course, Spencer loved Britt, so he didn't see what she did as a crime. Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) broke up with her, and she also had one last interaction with her best friend Brad (Parry Shen). Spencer wanted to go along with Britt, as he saw him as the closest thing he had to a mother, but eventually relented as his great grandmother Helena (Constance Towers) was there and wouldn't have wanted him to go.

Before Spencer realized that Britt was leaving Port Charles, he wanted to move in with her and Brad. He expected Brad to teach him about "The Golden Girls." As a character, Britt's best and most honest relationship was with Spencer. At times, Brad and Britt would "blackmail" each other into doing evil things, which is why that wasn't her best relationship. As a doctor, Britt seemed competent except for when she did something illegal for her own benefit.

When the character of Britt was first introduced, she was written as solely mean, but over time the character grew. While I wish she had been more multidimensional, by the end I did like the character. Before GH, Kelly had some small roles that I saw (like on Chuck), so hopefully in the future, she'll continue to get work outside of soaps.

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