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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Thanksgiving in Soapland 2014

This is a quick update on what happened on the US daytime soaps for Thanksgiving 2014.

The Bold and the Beautiful had the most traditional Thanksgiving episode. It was written in such a way where if you only saw that episode you'd know what was going on in Los Angeles. The main characters were all at the Forrester mansion celebrating the day. Hope and Eric sat at either end, and unfortunately Brooke wasn't back from Forrester International for the holiday. Eric also broke the fourth wall and spoke to the audience, which is a noted soap opera tradition that goes back decades. Everyone had to say something nice about the person sitting next to them and everyone except Deacon and Quinn were at the party.

Days of Our Lives didn't do Thanksgiving in 2014, which I found rather disappointing. I was hoping it was just pushed, but no they didn't have a real holiday episode.

General Hospital had one more traditional Thanksgiving episode, but it continued to be Thanksgiving for the next week. (This is what postponed this entry.) At Wyndamere, Nikolas and Spencer hosted Britt, her mother Liesel, and brother Nathan. It also came out how Britta and Spencer teamed up to hide Spencer, so Nik ended their engagement. Liz, Jason (thinking he was Jake), Sam, Patrick and the kids spent the holiday together. Helena stopped by to talk to Jake, though he didn't recognize her. Carly went to Pentonville to see Sonny, as he plead guilty to keep Duke and her out of prison and also for Michael's sake. Luke (or who we thought was Luke) was rescued by Alexis and Julian from the mental ward. Lulu and Tracy were thrilled to see the man they thought was Luke. Michael spent his first Thanksgiving in years with the Quartermaines, and Dante was there for his brother. Olivia also was at the Q manse. Per usual everyone at the mansion had pizza for the holiday, though this year it was due to Cook 2 getting food poisoning. Anna and Duke also broke up seemingly for good.

The Young and the Restless primarily showed the Newmans on Thanksgiving. Victoria was still in the hospital after giving birth, though she surprised everyone when she came to the ranch with her daughter she named Katie after her godmother Katherine. Paul and Christine were also with them as it was Dylan's first Thanksgiving with Nikki. Faith spent the holiday with her grandparents and as usual, she didn't get along with Avery. Ashley and Stitch work, but chat more than work. Nick is still in the woods. Cane, Lily, Neil, Devon, the twins, Hilary, Colin and Jill are together. Colin's blackmail of Devon and Devon's "girlfriend" are discussed. Jack and Phyllis spent the holiday alone. Sharon spends time with her kids Mariah and Noah. Billy and Chelsea spend the holiday at the penthouse.

Those are the quick highlights of Thanksgiving 2014. Hopefully all the soaps will do something for the upcoming Christmas and New Years holidays.

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