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Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 Year in Review - Likes & Yikes News Edition

I'll be posting my normal "Likes & Yikes" for soap opera stories in another post. Here are my ones about things that happened in soaps during 2014.

Likes: Hulu added foreign soap operas Hollyoaks and Neighbours to their line-up of shows for viewing by American audiences. (Unfortunately they are behind the original air dates, making spoilers an issue, but I digress.)

Likes: No daytime soaps were cancelled this year or aired their last episode. 2006 is the last time that all of the daytime soaps have survived.

Yikes: Dallas on TNT was cancelled and ended on numerous cliffhangers.

Yikes: Actors from the South African soap opera Generations got into a contract war with the show. The producers decided to not give in and hire a brand new cast. Can you imagine if that happened in the US?

Likes: Retro TV got the rights to the soap opera "The Doctors" and began airing episodes from 1967. Since they got new affiliated stations since then they've begun to repeat the first group of episodes, so people can catch up with what they missed. With 10 episodes a week, the show burns about a month's worth of shows in 2 weeks.

Yikes: The Daytime Emmy Awards and red carpet show aired online only. The quality of the show was hard to believe and even more difficult to explain. The red carpet was unprofessional and the award show was sloppy though at least there was no extraneous nonsense.

Yikes: Will the Prospect Park nightmare ever end? They filed for bankruptcy and the lawsuit hasn't been completed so things are still up in the air in that regard.

Likes/Yikes: Twin Peaks is coming back with new episodes in 2016, the problem is 2016. A new box set of blu-rays has also been released, but some people couldn't get the video to sync so it didn't play correctly.

Yikes: In North Korea, people were killed for watching soap operas from other countries. That's just awful.

Likes: The Bold and Beautiful reruns on TVGN are now same day. Since TVGN is becoming Pop, let's hope the schedule for it and The Young and the Restless is unchanged.

Likes: TVGN/Pop is going to have a new reality show about the launching of a new soap starring past soap performers. Bravo's the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills includes soap alum, Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson.

That's my highlight list for 2014 in soap opera news that had nothing to do with story or production issues.

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