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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

B&B: Six Random Thoughts for January 2015

Here are six random thoughts I have about the current story on "The Bold and the Beautiful."

  1. Maya's portrait being added to the Forrester home has been a fun plot point. Everyone except Rick, whose idea it was, is horrified that Stephanie's portrait has been replaced by that of the company's lead model. Even Maya isn't sure she likes the idea, but is going along with it.
  2. Ivy and Aly have to deal with Maya and Rick living in the mansion with them. I was glad that the ladies were relieved that they hadn't seen Maya and Rick in bed. Caroline though received a phone call from Rick, where the two were laying together.
  3. Caroline and Ridge still have feelings for one another and have kissed again. Due to Caroline being so into social media, I'm waiting for something scandalous to leak.
  4. Katie going back to Spencer Publications after Liam got a promotion is a good thing. Katie needs a story, Bill needs a story as does Liam. Not everything should be about Forrester.
  5. I'm hoping that Aly and Oliver get a story soon, though I hope it isn't a triangle with Maya's sister who just came to Los Angeles.
  6. I hope that Eric is enjoying his time away from the company spending his time fishing with his brother John. I do hope he will be back soon to try and keep the peace.
Those are my thoughts about B&B these days. My only complaint is I'd love if they would have a B-story. Beyond that I'm enjoying the program very much.

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