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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thoughts about GH Now!

Here are my thoughts on the first three episodes of GH Now!, which are posted at abc.com.

GH: Now! is a web talk and entertainment show hosted by Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis Davis). Each episode is between 8 and 11 minutes long. The episodes that are posted so far are Dating Advice & How to be a Soap Star!, Sexcapades & Tears and Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

Dating Advice & How to be a Soap Star! and Sexcapades & Tears include Nancy on the couch with comedians Sarah Colonna and Jimmy Pardo. Sarah is best known for Chelsea Lately, while Jimmy is from Conan's show.

Tyler Christopher (Nikolas Cassadine) joins Nancy, Sarah and Jimmy in Dating Advice & How to be a Soap Star! Nancy enters as a joke as someone else, who through hair and makeup becomes herself. The famous Wyndamere Parapet is mentioned, and there is a clip of Katherine Bell (Mary Beth Evans) falling from it. Nancy does an outdoor segment, on Hollywood Boulevard on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and acts out soap opera scenes with people on the street. She takes along an intern named Graham, who ends up being "soap slapped" and shares a "stage kiss" with Nancy. The panel also plays "Connect This!" giving clues to things having to do with GH like mentioning pizza for the Quartermaines.

Jason Thompson (Patrick Drake) joins Nancy, Sarah and Jimmy in Sexcapes & Tears. This episode has the group come up with ideas for online dating site profiles for GH characters called Ports O'Love, being a play on the city of Port Charles. Jason also shows off his ability to cry on cue in a clip segment that includes Nancy interacting with him as well as others like Kirsten Storms and Lisa LoCicero. Jason also easily identifies the chests of his fellow GH actors as he spends time in the gym with them. The group also discusses weird places they've had sex in real life.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat has Nancy on the couch with comedians Jen Kober and Jackie Kashian. They are also joined by occasional GH cast member Sebastian Roché, who plays Jerry Jacks. One problem with this episode is that abc.com spells his first name incorrectly (Sebastien) in their description. The group sits on the couch and discusses various soap opera topics and then plays "Celebrity", and the card for Patricia Heaton says Patrick Heaton, which amused me for no good reason. There was also a bubble over the heads of actor segment, which reminds me of something they do in Soaps in Depth except they say what a character is thinking.

This show is clearly for the adult General Hospital fans or ones who aren't easily embarrassed viewing it with family members. If you watch GH with your family, then you could view it with them, but I'd rate this as a PG-13 in content. If you enjoy seeing actors as "themselves" in a humorous setting you should check it out.

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