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Sunday, January 25, 2015

B&B: 7000th Episode

On Friday, January 23, 2015, "The Bold and the Beautiful" aired its 7000th episode.

The episode was a retrospective of the program, which began in 1987. Old promotional clips along with former cast members were shown. The largest part of which was with Darlene Conelly's Sally Spectra, who was one of the iconic characters on B&B until Darlene passed away. Sally though remains alive. Also as part of the show, we saw screen tests of various cast members like Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke) and newer cast members like Linsey Godfrey (Caroline). Truthfully, I could have watched an hour of screen tests, but that's just something I enjoy. While Ronn Moss and Susan Flannery are no longer part of B&B, I'm glad that they didn't completely ignore the original Ridge and Stephanie as they were major players for the show's first 25 years.

Video was also shown from the 7,000 episode party along with the dedication of the studio to Brad Bell. Of course, I wish the show would have lasted longer, but that is no surprise. While former cast members weren't part of the celebration (except those from the recent past or who returned as guests meaning Kim Matula and Jaqueline MacInnes Wood were shown.) I did like how the foreign audience wasn't forgotten. The show is a lot more significant outside of the US from a cultural standpoint as it airs when more people are home from work.

The most interesting part from a technical point of view was seeing how stunts changed from the old days to now. With computers and CGI things that were only dreamed about in the past can be done, when before it was financially implausible or too dangerous for stunt crews. While it was funny to hear about stunt performers, I wish we could have gotten a better look at them just to see how they only looked like the B&B stars from far away and not at all in a close shot.

I liked that this episode while a documentary on the show wasn't typical of other "historical" shows about soaps. While I'm one of those people who upon seeing a former daytime performer to say "I remember them from", I appreciated that B&B didn't include a long segment of that nature. Most of the people watching this episode are aware of the history of the program and didn't need such a reminder. Hopefully B&B will continue for many episodes to come...

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