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Sunday, January 4, 2015

2014 Year in Review

This is my stream of consciousness style review of the four daytime soap operas that aired in 2014. They are short and sweet and about 100 words each.

The Bold & the Beautiful: Katie and Ridge were engaged, but she ended it as he developed feelings for Caroline. Caroline and Rick's marriage was in shambles because Caroline kissed Ridge, and Rick in anger got back together with Maya. Hope and Wyatt married due to Quinn's machinations, but she miscarried and left town. Deacon and Quinn started dating after Bill and Quinn had a sex only relationship. Brooke went away on business after her romantic relationships stalled. Aly and Oliver fell for each other, as he wanted her not just for being a Forester grandchild. Ivy came to town and started dating Liam.

Days of our Lives: Gabi murdered Nick and went to prison. EJ had an affair with Abby. Sami found out, married him and took control of Dimera Enterprises with Kate. He was murdered in a drug deal, and Sami left Salem. Will and Sonny wed. Eric didn't return to the priesthood after he was cleared of wrongdoing. Hope moved on with Aiden, while Jordan dated Rafe and later Chad. Eve came back to town and caused problems for Jennifer as well as Paige and JJ's burgeoning romance. Theresa became pregnant with Brady's baby, but on her way out of town Kristen stole the embryo.

General Hospital: Sabrina and Patrick had a son named Gabriel who died after a car crash caused by Rafe, who perished from his injuries. Jason came back from the dead, and had major plastic surgery. Robin left again as Helena's prisoner. Nathan is Obrecht's son, Faison and Britt are on the run together. Julian and Alexis were on again off again. Lucas got shot. Ric died and went into witness protection, but returned once Sonny made a deal. Sonny went to prison for shooting AJ freeing Carlos and had a daughter with Ava. Michael changed his name to Quartermaine.

The Young & the Restless: Paul discovered he is Dylan's father. Adam "died", but returned with a new face after Billy discovered he was the the hit and run driver. Billy and Victoria had a daughter named Katie as he moved on with Chelsea and she dated Stitch. Ashley is back in town. Nikki fell off the wagon. Hilary is cheating on Neil with Devon. Phyllis woke up from her coma. Sharon and Nick got back together, but their relationship was ruined after Phyllis revealed Sharon changed Summer's DNA test. Jack dated Kelly, but recommitted to Phyllis. Mariah was Cassie's twin. Michael has prostate cancer.

These are my short summaries for the year. Obviously they aren't complete, but I wanted to see how much I could write with such a limited amount of characters.

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