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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Thoughts about "Neighbours" - June 2017

Below are my thoughts for the June 2017 episodes of "Neighbours". Don't continue if you haven't seen it.

Shane's invention was a lawnmower that was extremely durable as it was waterproof. Unlike most, it also was remote controlled. Aaron dumped it in the water, and Tyler fixed it realizing how great it was. Eventually Shane and Mishti were able to get investors as Aaron became too nervous. Aaron was upset because he liked David, but now Tom was seeing him. Eventually Tom and David fought, but Aaron didn't know that. Aaron became injured while dancing. Mishti and Aaron wanted to buy the same gym, but were outbid.

Callum was back in town to support his mother. He only came for a visit and soon returned to America, but these scenes were important as Sonya needed to hear how Callum suffered being raised by his grandmother as he felt abandoned. He didn't want his younger half-sister Nell to feel that their mother didn't love her. Callum thanked Steph for giving him, his family even if things aren't going well. Toadie and Sonya went to court, and she got community service after everyone wrote impact statement in support of her. Instead of drinking Sonya painted a wall, which was an improvement, but she felt embarrassed. Leo's dodgy friend Mannix moved into Robinson's, and Steph became frustrated that Paul was taking Leo's side.

Gary tried to get Terese a new engagement ring, as the family heirloom he gave her was a fake, which caused her to get sick. He discover a beautiful ring at the lost and found, and Terese believed he got it for her. Eventually he told the truth, and gave her the less glamourous ring. Terese had a breast cancer scare, and got a negative test. She took another more advanced one and found out that she did have the disease. She is keeping it from Piper and Gary. Gary is busy dealing with Xanthe's issues, and Piper is still not fully recovered from her accident.

Paige went to Queensland to visit with her family with baby Gabe. Lauren was with her with a short time, but then Amber got sick, so this was the best idea. Eventually Paige came home to find a hungover Jack in the Brennan house. He had left the priesthood and was acting out with the alcohol. The local church was closed due to Jack leaving, which caused strain, but everyone understood. Amy and Jimmy moved back in with Paul, as he got his penthouse back at Lassisters. During the party where Jack got drunk, Tom and David had to deal with a friend of Amy's (in business), who took issue with them being gay. Amy became upset and through him out  for being mean to her brother.

Finn's behavior became out of control. He framed Xanthe for the purposeful drugging of Susan and accidental drugging of little Nell. The pills they both ingested were Piper's, who got them for the pain. He was able to do this as Xanthe wanted to go with him to Asia, and he was able to access her bag and laptop. Xanthe went to confront Finn, and got his confession recorded on her phone. His aneurysm burst, but he survived. Everyone found out what he did, and off to prison he went. Before he left, he tried to frame Elly for suffocating him, but that was a lie. Her misconduct at work, was orchestrated by him and she was cleared.

Yashvi got injured when she provoked Ben to hit another student. She had been talking garbage about Xanthe, and that was enough to make Ben attacked. Earlier in the month, Finn's classes where the students were mixed from different grades, caused a "strike", though Yashvi who was lazy was glad for the lack of learning in the classroom. Shane was upset that Yashvi had gone to Toadie for help, instead of her dad, but Toadie said his older brother has it together, and perhaps Yashvi needed support from someone who understands what it is like to have a messed up life.

Those were the highlights of "Neighbours" for June 2017. I hope that Terese does confide in her family about her illness as there is nothing I like more than watching a story about someone having a serious illness and then lying about it. I'm being sarcastic obviously as that is a story turn, I can't abide by as it is cruel in more ways than one.

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