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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Thoughts about "Hollyoaks" - June 2017

Here is my rundown post of what's happened on "Hollyoaks" in June 2017. This is not sequential.

Mercedes and Ryan got into an argument and the kids overheard Mercedes mention that he cheated on Amy. (Earlier Ryan framed Kyle, and at a party, a male stripper was invited, nearly outing him.) Mercedes received a letter from the US that Bobby wanted to be adopted, and she was upset.

Armstrong moved in with Cindy and Dirk, and now seems to have an obsession with her instead of Leela. (Maybe He'd get over it, if she went back to brown hair.) He decided to allow Dirk to get away with having forged paintings. Nick went to prison, after being sentenced for seven years, for the rapes of both Ellie and Holly. With good behavior, he may be released in less than four years. Both of them went to the hearing, and while Ellie is doing well Holly is suffering from depression.

Tegan and Lisa worked together to get Leela and Zack back together, as Lisa didn't want Zack to go to Belgium and reunited with Sonia. Zack fell down a stairwell and was hospitalized. Tegan who is still taking drugs, gave him the wrong medicine, and caused him to have a heart attack. She admitted what she did, and was fired from the hospital. If Tegan had gone for help prior to making a nearly deadly attack would have kept her job. Zack and Leela were together again even if he doesn't know that Daniel is his half-brother.

Marnie was caught trying to poison Mac, and Alfie nearly ate the tainted food. The restaurant was closed after Mac went to the health department. The family knows what is going on with Mac cheating with Lisa, but Neeta has no idea, and went back with Mac. Marnie ended up living with Myra, which was awkward especially when Sally came over for karaoke and Marnie was wearing a onesie as she had no clothing.

Maxine nearly left Adam due to his son not accepting her. When Adam found out the boy lied about Maxine hitting him, he sided with his new wife and was horrified with his ex.

Scott tried to commit suicide due to his frustrations and depression. This story was difficult to watch as no one understood why he was so miserable. (He saw Nancy as an example, but she became frustrated with her life and illness. After hearing about what happened, Nancy said she didn't want Darren to help her commit suicide, when life became too rough for her.) Scott is getting help, but life isn't easy for him. Lily tried to cheat at school and was caught. She was tempted to drop out, due to having automatic fails in numerous classes.

Prince went on the run with his father Shane, but returned for Lily. He felt spurned, when she rebuffed him, but it was about her insecurity from scarring and nothing to do with him. He later stole from the Lovedays, and was caught. He was already on probation, and now he was in serious trouble.

Kim and Farrah started to develop feelings for one another, even though Farrah is helping her in a professional capacity.

Those are the highlights on Hollyoaks for June 2017. The material with Scott's suicide attempt was very difficult to watch, but due to how many people commit suicide it is the kind of story that I understand why the program would chose to tell it.

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