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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

GH: Ned and Olivia Wed

"General Hospital" had a few episodes surrounding Ned (Wally Kurth) and Olivia's (Lisa LoCicero) wedding. Below I write a bit about them.

After the July 4th hiatus, and General Hospital returned, we were at the night before Ned and Olivia's ceremony. They each had todos, which went awry. Olivia had too much to drink after spending time with Lulu and Laura. The rest of the party with more guests including a stripper was cancelled. Ned and the guys (meaning Dillon, Dante, and Michael) spent sometime together as well. The Cuban cigars set off the fire alarm in the MetroCourt. This action inadvertently caused Olivia shame as she believed the fire marshal was the stripper coming to her room. She ended up in prison the night before the wedding, and the cop on duty didn't believe she was Dante's mother, but a common hooker. The newspaper got a hold of this, and made it a headline and it went viral.

Everyone tried to keep Olivia from hearing the truth, but she found out and was upset. She wanted to call off the wedding, especially since the wedding dress was on a truck three hours away and not accessible. Nina was contacted and she got a dress from Crimson. Thankfully it was white, and not crimson. Earlier, she had planned to wear a gown that was from her family, but the only person who liked it was Charlotte, who now calls her Nona. Ned came and convinced Olivia to marry him, as he didn't care about the story. It wasn't the worst thing someone in their family was discovered as doing anyway. Unfortunately Lulu couldn't stay for the wedding due to IRL issues with Emme Rylan being extremely pregnant, though Lulu is not.

The actual ceremony was on July 7, 2017 and Rocco, Charlotte and Leo were attendants. Of course, Dante gave Olivia away, and Dillion was the best man. Sonny and Carly were at the ceremony, though Carly continued to have problems with Joss, and they had to leave during the reception. Olivia gave her vows to Ned, and he sang his words of love to her. They were happily married, and no one objected.

The reception on July 10, 2017 included fireworks. Nina also crashed accidentally, and Charlotte was happy about it. Nelle thanked Nina again for allowing her to borrow a red dress from Crimson. Dillon gave the best man speech, and the couple drank out of the flutes from Tracy. Ned announced that Olivia was taking the name Quartermaine. Kevin arrived late with the news that Spencer was missing again, so Laura and Carly weren't able to catch the bouquet. The only single ladies, were Charlotte, Kiki, Nelle, and Monica. Kiki caught it, but tossed it to Charlotte, as Dillion filmed it. Eventually Olivia and Ned left to consummate their marriage as a song with lyrics played in the background.

This was a very old school wedding. The couple marrying are in love, and everyone was happy for them. The only caveat is that the amount of people celebrating was fewer than it could have been when it wasn't an elopement. I hope this is just the beginning of their story and not a happily ever after ending.

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