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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Fourth of July Celebrations on Soaps in 2017

I had planned to do a write up about how the four US daytime soaps handled the 4th of July, but except for "The Young and the Restless", the other shows ignored the holiday. Having a character mention Independence Day, but show nothing doesn't count.

"The Bold and the Beautiful" did nothing. Was it even mentioned on the day, if it was I missed it? The only reference the entire week was about how it is Grandma Spectra's favorite holiday and she dresses up in costume. 

"Days of Our Lives", well we had a wedding between Dario and Abby, but that went over numerous episodes and didn't seem festive. Having Chad and Gabi crash and mentioned the holiday doesn't count for a celebration. Patch, and his sons Joey and Tripp were in the pub, and work was done for the holiday was referenced, but again nothing was shown. The most memorable part was Steve mentioning the ghosts from Pac-man and the young guys not having a clue what he meant. Steve though wasn't a gamer back in the day, his thing was pool, and I'm not sure he played a video game in the 80s.

"General Hospital" wasn't on over the holiday, so they ignored it too. The Ned and Olivia wedding preparation was a fun thing for the week, but more once the reception has ended.

"The Young and the Restless" gave us a mainly standalone 4th of July episode. The Hamilton/Winters Group had an event on the roof which included fireworks. There were promo pictures of people in bathing suits and other summer attire. This was very traditional, and if you hadn't been watching Y&R and only saw this episode you wouldn't be completely lost. Devon and Neil hosted, and their family and friends were mainly in attendance. For example Abby finally found out that Devon and Mariah were dating, as it has been that long since they interacted. My favorite moment of the whole episode was the unexpected feminist rant that Abby gave, as it showed that character changed a lot since she was SORASed. Hillary and Jordan were back together after a short argument. Sharon was there with Scott, and there was awkwardness between them and Nick and Chelsea.

At times like these, and unsurprisingly, I miss when soaps had holidays on the show. That being said, I can understand a soap being afraid to create episodes around a holiday if they don't know if they will be on in a timely manner.

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