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Monday, July 10, 2017

Thoughts about "The Doctors" - February 1974

Another month's worth of episodes of "The Doctors" has aired on RetroTV. Below are my thoughts on what has aired for the month of February 1974.

Margo finally calmed down about Alan and Toni, after Toni and Margo had lunch at Pete's. Margo found out how Toni considered ending her pregnancy, and that Alan mourned the child, she miscarried. It had looked like Margo would team up with Gil, but perhaps that won't happen now. Gil had gone too far with Toni in the lab, and Alan had stopped it earlier in the month by punching him. Their arguing continued later, and Steve stopped them (the lads) from coming to blows again in the elevator, as he quipped that he's afraid a blood, which is unlikely being an OB/GYN.

Toni still isn't showing even though we're in February and she became pregnant over the summer. Martha suggested she reach out to her mother, as did Billy earlier in the month. Toni is trying to drink milk, but doesn't seem to enjoy it.

In adorable news, Billy and Greta went on their first date. They went together to a dance on Valentine's Day at Billy's school, as Billy didn't want to choose between the three girls who were chasing him. Carolee told him to decide, or take someone else, and Greta was suggested. Billy had wanted to dress in a casual shirt, but was told he had to dress up, as Carolee called him William Allison instead of Billy. (How long will it be until he changes his last name, or does it only happen when he's grown?) We saw that Billy had the same fears as Greta as when you are skating you don't have to talk, and who knows if either knew how to dance. Steve drove Billy and Greta to the dance, and he and Maggie watched them together. Greta taught Billy, the octopus, which looked like the swim, and earlier she was concerned by the zipper on her dress being stuck. During the end of the episode, in split screen, we see Greta showing Maggie the dance, and Billy doing the same for Carolee.

Mr. and Mrs. Benson reunited, once she released that Marty was ill with heart disease. We found out she wasn't the nicest person, as off camera, she was mean to Emma. Andrew also appeared and yet another actor was in the part relaying that news. Carolee and Steve later went to Wyndham Falls to meet with Mrs. Benson at the tearoom, she worked at. (They have an afternoon off, and drive 30 miles for that…) The next day, Steve went back again, and convinced Mrs. Benson to talk to her husband. What I wish for this material was that they'd have explicitly compared it to the guilt they could have had over how Dan died. They just wanted to be together and a family, and not wished him dead. At the end of the month, Steve and Carolee flirted in the break room, though they had to interrupt that to recap the lives of the Bensons.

Althea continued to be stressed out over missing a few hours of memory. Penny sided with John about one thing, going to the UK for Althea to rest, and Nick became upset. The teen also still wasn't giving Ann the respect she deserved as Nick's fiance. Nick decided to only allow Althea to be discharged if John moved out of the apartment. Eventually a clinic patient returned the audio recording to Penny, after she ran into Martha and Penny in the elevator. No one has listened to it in full, so John hasn't been discovered yet. Maggie got Althea a wig, but it wasn't an actual wig, and Althea's headband matched her robe perfectly.

Before Valentine's Day, the party for the pediatrics wing took place. Matt and Maggie saw Carl and Vivian. Humorously, Matt called Carl, "colonel", as the cardiac surgeon had a southern style tie and facial hair. Vivian thanked Matt again for her health. Sadly one of the episodes was missing, when Lauri was singing, became sick and was rushed to the hospital. She had rheumatic fever as a child, which caused heart distress. If she never performed, it wouldn't have been discovered. Carolee felt guilt over what happened Lauri, and Steve got Matt's assurance it wasn't his wife's fault, not that he believed that. Lauri as visited by Harry, who was rather sweet to her. He seemed like a friend and not someone who was trying to take advantage. No one knew what would happen with Lauri's health, but hoped for the best. It is possible, she'd even have more control of her voice, once well.

Those were the highlights of February 1974. There were three episodes missing February 8, (which was the party, so we didn't see the entire cast in their dressy clothes), February 19, and February 26 (where Penny and Nick probably listened to the tape). Hopefully we get a better month, when it comes to available episodes, though I am relieved that we got to see Billy and Greta's charming first date.

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