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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Days: Weddings and Engagements Galore

For whatever reason, "Days of Our Lives" has had more weddings and engagements than normal. Of course, they aren't all for romantic reasons, but I digress. Below are my thoughts on all of this.

Andre and Kate were wed as a business transaction in June. Chad was missing and presumed dead on the island last month. The DiMera enterprises board, was planning to liquidate if they didn't have a viable person in charge of the company. They didn't trust Andre with the job, and wouldn't give it to Kate unless she had a ring on her finger. Kate was given the position for six month, and Chad returned, frustrated by the situation. It took until this past week for Lucas to finally be clued in on what his mother did. Of course, he was horrified as Andre perpetuated a crime against him.

When drugged, Abigail and Chad renewed their vows. That said it didn't actually count, as they were on Halo---Halo Halo…(yes that's what goes in my head whenever they say that.) Rafe also proposed to Hope while under the influence. She said she couldn't marry him until the issues with Deimos had been handled. Later once Deimos was dead, Rafe decided to try again. He first talked to Julie, who suggested he talk to Doug, Doug said speak to Victor, and Victor said go to Roman. The whole thing was rather silly, and reminded me of a kids' book, but that's okay. Hope said no again, and Rafe was sad. Julie ran into Hope, and the older sister told the younger, what Rafe went through before proposing. Hope decided to propose to Rafe, and he said yes.

Dario and Abigail got married by Abe over the 4th of July week. He lied and said he needed to wed to stay in the US. If he returned to Mexico, he'd probably be killed by drug dealers, which actually was accurate. The ceremony was done by Abe, who just happened to be at Club TBD. What was really frustrating was that Dario had mentioned how he couldn't get an appointment at the courthouse for the wedding, though I can't see there being any way it would be open then. Chad and Gabi crashed it, and there was a dream that the ceremony was called off, but alas it did not happen.

I find it interesting that all of this shuffling happened right before a writing regime change. I wonder if any of them will stick for a time, or if they'll end as quickly as they happened.

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