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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Thoughts about "Hollyoaks" - November 2015

Here is my rundown post of what's happened on "Hollyoaks" during November of 2015. This is based on the UK air dates on Channel 4.

John Paul nearly lost his job due to Ste and Harry's relationship until Harry told the truth. Tony became angry with Harry lying as did Ste. On Harry's birthday, Ste ended it even though Harry was still interested. (Ste now had to go on maintenance drugs for his HIV).

In Lomax land, Peri moved back home as now Tom and his family are caring for the baby. The end of the month had Tegan back from a cruise. She told Leela and Ziggy that she moved on with someone else she met while away. This was a lie, though she did go on a date which Ziggy ruined. Ste and Leela thought something was going on between Tegan and Ziggy, but there was no evidence on Tegan's phone, so she recommitted to her husband. At Leela's birthday party, Ziggy told Leela the truth that he doesn't want a child with her because he loves her sister. Of course, the music had to stop playing at that exact moment so everyone heard the news.

Lindsay got Dr. S'Avage's job at the hospital and Kim is helping her hide the truth. The common wisdom is that Trevor murdered everyone, which is how Lindsay is free. Mrs. Loveday went to visit Trevor in prison, causing stress in her family's life. Jason and Nico both believe that Trevor may not be guilty, but no one will listen. Cindy knows that Trevor isn't, because a message left from her late brother-in-law. He knew the killer was a woman, Cindy was put away due to her behavior manipulating Dirk and Holly. Holly continues to see Robbie behind Jason's back and enjoys sleeping with both twins though not at the same time.

Mercedes had a third trimester miscarriage and had to deliver a dead baby, which she named Gabriel. Her mother finally returned from Spain to help, and Mercedes was with her instead of the end of the service. The family had a memorial in their home, which was fitting for her son. Later Joe found out the baby died, though he still doesn't know that he was the biological father as Mercedes doesn't want to hurt him again. We met Myra's new hot boyfriend, who she lied to about being royalty. Upon finding out the truth, he didn't care either way, but wanted to be there for her family. Pete and Reenie's marriage day was a fiasco. The wedding happened, but after the "I dos", Cleo admitted her relationship with Pete. Everyone was horrified, and realized that Pete was a pedophile. The cops were involved, but since Cleo wouldn't admit that she had underage sex with her stepfather, he got away with it. Pete was run over with a car, and Darren was blamed. Darren may go to trial for something he didn't do. He still has feelings for Nancy and she him. Maxine is with her ex-husband Patrick for the interim, and Grace and Darren hooked up a couple of times, while Esther is in love with her best friend.

Theresa knows the truth about Sonia not being Lisa. She went to the paper about Simone visiting Trevor, due to her anger over Phoebe's death. Theresa said she would keep Sonia and Jade's secret, and thankfully Jade wasn't abused by Pete.

We found out more about the Nightingale family. Mac was Alfie's biological father, and Cindy was his mother. Alfie and Holly interacted without knowing they were siblings. Nathan was also told the truth about his brother. Ellie went away on a trip and returned after Alfie was hospitalized. Thankfully Alfie's cancer had not returned, though he wished that his soon-to-be stepmother Neeta would adopt him.

Those are the highlights on Hollyoaks for November 2015. The highlight for me was everything to do with Mercedes losing her child. It was a very serious story for Hollyoaks and they did it justice.

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