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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

B&B: Six Random Thoughts for December 2015

With 2015 nearly over, here are six random thoughts about "The Bold and the Beautiful".

  1. Caroline and Ridge have been missing even if there was a line about them not being around. I wonder how big her "bump" will be the next time she's on camera.
  2. I'm still confused as to why Ivy has turned into Hope as she has the same love interests as Ms. Logan did. Too bad they won't give her some hot Aussie guy as her former love, there are a lot of options that aren't Liam or Wyatt.
  3. Where is Deacon, I know in Europe with Hope off camera, but he should be in LA.
  4. Sasha is a half-sister to Nicole and Maya as Julius cheated on Vivienne. Boo at least he didn't hook up with her. That said again I want Vivienne and Eric as a picture of Stephanie only gives him a one-sided conversation.
  5. Katie what are you thinking, Bill can't be true if Brooke is around boohoo.
  6. Now that Nicole is pregnant with Rick's baby that he plans to raise with her sister Maya, Zende is torn. He wants to support her, but it is weird she's carrying his Uncle Rick's kid.

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