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Monday, December 14, 2015

Thoughts about "Neighbours" - November & December 2015

Here's another installment of my thoughts about Neighbours post. I'm going to be writing about the episodes that aired in November and December of 2015.

Since Neighbours went on holiday hiatus after the December 4, 2015 episode, I decided to combine posts. Starting in January, the program will air same day in both the UK and Australia. Due to it being the end of the year, the show ended with cliffhangers.

Amber is planning to move to Brisbane with her daughter due to getting a new job helping people whose children had the same birth defect. Thankfully the surgery was successful and baby Matilda is doing well. Matilda isn't named after the song or the book character, but after Amber's late father Matt. Josh will visit as often as possible as it is only a two hour flight. It was a bit rocky for Josh with the baby, but for the most part Amber adjusted well to being a mother. This situation reminded Brad of what he lost out of with his oldest so, who was raised by his mother. 

Steph and Toadie discovered that she was a victim of gas-lighing after Belinda made really negative comments to Paul about her. Aaron ended up begrudgingly helping Paul, but after the car accident, wanted to find out who hit them. Steph and Paul ended up being okay even though the Willis granddad who suffers from Alzheimer's drove the car. He checked before leaving, but was disoriented. After finding out who it was, Steph let it die. Belinda continued to become more unhinged as she was so jealous of Toadie and Steph's friendship. Eventually Sonya came around to Toadie and Steph's friendship. Toadie needed surgery to walk again, but it may cause him to become paralyzed for good.  Belinda was in Toadie's surgery, so hopefully she doesn't hurt him.

Paul got into trouble with his fianances after what Aaron and Daniel did. Paul knew about Aaron's part, but to protect Daniel, Aaron kept his mouth shut. Daniel became more like his Uncle than I ever expected, and this upset Imogen. (Nate nearly bought a home from Daniel, but was stopped.) Paul got into trouble with the law and lost everything including Lassiters to Shay of the Quill family. Daniel and Imogen seem to be over for now due to her not keeping Paul's secret. Paul had paid off Sue Parker with a home to get the development off the ground. 

Piper and Ben went on the run, due to being responsible for the school's fire. Ben became hurt, and was discovered in a motel as Piper called her family. Thankfully the school was going to reopen, after renovations. Piper had to go back to class, and was teased. She lost it and threatened to set people on fire after grabbing someone else's lighter. After that behavior, her web access was cut. Tyler and Piper became friends, while Tyler had a quick fling with Indiana who stayed at Sheila's over the holidays as she rented a room out via airBnB. 

Sheila decided to buy her home due to Paul's money issues, but Belinda also wanted it. Amy and Kyle began dating and poor Jimmy found them in a way no child should see his mother ever. Sheila was worried that they would leave, but they don't want to, and Jimmy eventually accepted Amy and Kyle once he knew the truth about his father's actions.

Brad and Lauren broke up and Brad moved back into the family home to help Terese with her injuries in the fire. Of course, Brad felt guilty for helping Lauren out of the fire first, as she was uninjured. That said, Brad's stay with his family was short-lived. He now resides with the Brennan men and Paige. Paige proposed to Mark and gave him a ring. This surprised the both of them. They were happy for a short time, until Michelle returned. The cliffhanger involved Paige being kidnapped after being lured to a location without Mark knowing her whereabouts though since Paige still had her phone perhaps not all is lost. 

Lou came back to town fearing for his life. He believed a drug cartel was after him, but it was really the spurned husband of a woman he had been seeing. Lou had no idea he was having an affair with a married woman, and even tried to fake his death. It was the silliest memorial ever as Lou couldn't handle Sheila's negative comments about him. I got a good laugh after all of it and liked how they used an old headshot for his photo and Karl sang though we didn't hear what tune. 

Those are the highlights for November and December 2015. Hopefully I'll continue to find a way to watch the show as it is no longer on Hulu. I do hope that some characters get to be happy in town.

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