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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

DAYS: Ben is Caught

On "Days of Our Lives" Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson) was caught for his crimes against Salem. The character now is catatonic and on suicide watch. Below are my thoughts on everything that has happened.

Ben kidnapped Abby (Kate Mansi) and she didn't realize it at first. She just thought her fiance wanted to be alone. He snapped and started to threaten her and their child. While in a rustic mountain cabin, Abby went into labor. With the help of a midwife named Wendy, Abby delivered a premature son. Ben was scared that everyone would know what he did so he killed Wendy. While all this was going on, only Chad (Billy Flynn) realized that Abby's departure wasn't legitimate. He was the only person to get Abby on the phone and she said she was in trouble. Unfortunately nothing could be done at first, and then once Chad found the location, he raced to them during a blizzard. Ben decided to set the cabin on fire, take his son and leave Chad and Abby to die. Of course, Chad was able to free them and the fire brought help. Ben got supplies for the baby he dubbed Colin, and was caught by Lani (Sal Stowers) and JJ (Casey Moss). He was brought back to Salem, and eventually the baby was found due to a conversation Abby had with a deluded Ben. Thankfully the baby was fine even if Abby didn't know the exact time and date he was born. Abby was also able to give evidence to prove how Ben killed all of those people just to get Chad away from Abby. When alone, Abby and her mother Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) spoke. Abby shared how she wanted to change her son's name to Thomas Jack Deveraux after her great-grandfather and dad.

Of course, I'm just waiting for them to change the baby's paternity and have him be Chad's son instead of Ben's that way the entire Weston family has been erased except for how Ben was responsible for the deaths of Will and Paige who have family members on canvas. I'm surprised how they wrapped up the hostage story like they did. Having it be one day over many threw me slightly and I wondered why Abby wasn't hospitalized for having natural childbirth and not getting proper food while held hostage.

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