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Friday, December 18, 2015

GH: The Truth About Jake

On "General Hospital" everyone is dealing with the truth of Jake's identity being that of Jason Morgan (Billy Miller). Below are my thoughts on this story so far.

Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst), Nik (Tyler Christopher), Laura (Genie Francis) and Hayden (Rebecca Budig) all knew the truth of his identity. Helena (Constance Towers) did too, but she died before she revealed the information. Liz lied because she wanted Jake to herself, Nik did for the sake of his running ELQ, Laura wanted to protect her son Nik as she believed he was responsible for Hayden's shooting, and Hayden just wanted control. Once everyone found out at the church on the day of Liz and Jake's aborted wedding, Patrick (Jason Thompson) and Sam (Kelly Monaco) engagement went to pieces. Sam still loved Jason even without memories, though she also loved Patrick. Dr. Drake knew that he was Sam's second choice so he ended it. Jason and Monica (Leslie Charleson) have an awkward relationship, but of everyone she seems to be handling things the best. Perhaps it is because she and the rest of the family did the wrong thing all those years ago when Jason Quartermaine became Jason Morgan. Carly wants things to be "normal" and she has abject hatred for Liz, and Sonny doesn't think he can forgive Liz, but says it is up to Jason. Michael and Jason are still close, though I wish we'd have seen more interaction right after the disclosure happened.

In this scenario, the people I feel most sorry for are the kids. Jason lost time with his sons Jake and Danny though Jason did live with Jake. (Having Jason as Jake adopting Cam was sort of pointless as Lucky actually has acted as his father for years even if that has been forgotten.) Emma was heartbroken as she came to love Sam and Danny, and now she lost yet another mother figure along with a step-sibling. This is why new relationships can be do difficult with kids as the break up isn't just between the couple, but of a family. I'm hoping that whatever Jason decides to do the children are kept in mind, as he has two families: one with Liz and one with Sam.

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