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Friday, December 11, 2015

Y&R: Sharon & Dylan Wed

There was a surprise wedding this week as Sharon (Sharon Case) and Dylan (Steve Burton) wed on "The Young and the Restless". The duo, who've been engaged for months, married in a small ceremony at home. Below are my thoughts on the December event.

Dylan and Sharon just brought home their son Sully, who actually is Sage's (Kelly Sullivan) biological child Christian. They have no idea about having the wrong child. Sharon was lied to by her psychologist and believes she gave birth after having an earlier miscarriage, while Dylan has no idea about the miscarriage or Christian's paternity.

The couple celebrated their first Christmas at home with their baby and Faith (Alyn Alyvia Lind) was with them. She was to go to her father Nick's (Josh Morrow), but Dylan didn't want her to leave. Sharon didn't understand why Dylan wanted Faith to stay, though once the surprise wedding was sprung on her, her daughter needed to stay. Paul (Doug Davidson) performed the ceremony in a Santa suit for his son and he was the only one who was dressed up in any fashion. Sharon's children Noah (Robert Adamson) and Mariah (Camryn Grimes) appeared in time for the event as they had been tipped off by Dylan. On Faith's insistence, Nick stayed for the wedding between his half-brother and his former wife. This was a small ceremony IMO as there are a lot more people in town who are related to Dylan, who didn't attend though perhaps having it with just such a small group was a good idea with an infant involved that day. Of course, one has to wonder if the reason this was so low key was so it would match the tenor of Sage and Nick's wedding. Once everything comes out, we'll have to see if Sharon and Dylan's relationship survives as neither person is at fault.

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