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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Thoughts about "The Doctors" - June 1970

Another month's worth of episodes of "The Doctors" has aired on RetroTV. Below are my thoughts on what has aired for the month of June 1970.

Carolee and Steve's relationship was somewhat rocky. She tried to end it after he cancelled a date to look after Althea and he lied about it. If he had told the truth instead of trying to get her forgiveness things would have been smoother. That said, Carolee and Steve became happier again and are getting along better. Dan's wife died, and they both attended the funeral. Billy wanted Carolee still in his life, and Dan took advantage of it.

The hospital jamboree was held and Steve filled in for Dan. This skit was a bit silly as Carolee wore a mustache. Unfortunately most of the skits weren't shown, but at least we got to see something. According to Anna, it was a success which was a good thing. After the jamboree,  Althea left town to go on a cruise with her daughter Penny. (Virginia Vestoff left the show, and while Penny was mentioned she wasn't seen.) She said goodbye to her ex-husband Nick and the Powers family.

Greta was bitten by her pet bunny she named Tiger. We finally met Mrs. Halstead who said that Greta was acting strangely throwing stones at ducks and not remembering her behavior. Greta also defaced Matt's first edition books and caused other chaos. She eventually became so ill that she was hospitalized. Since Greta didn't share that the bunny bit her, no one realized the cause of her health issues. The entire hospital rallied to help Greta, including Dr. Vorst's students and the pathology lab. They figured out that Greta had a virus, but Nick wanted to see if it was the one he created in his laboratory. Mike brought the dead bunny to the hospital, and its illness matched Greta's blood. They even showed the slides on screen. Nick shared the scary news with Matt and then Maggie. While Mike blamed himself for his stepsister's illness. At the end of the month, the Powers were tested to see if they were also infected.

Those were the highlights of June 1970. It is kind of disturbing to watch a story about a child having an incurable illness. That being said, I doubt she dies, but it still isn't "fun" even if I appreciate the performances. 

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Ed said...

Thanks for doing this, it is well appreciated even though I haven't seen any other comments. I watched these and other earlier years' episodes as a 4 year old with my late, beloved grandmother. She would sit and crochet on the end of the couch as we watched on our 27 inch Admiral table top color television on a credenza in our family room. Watching some of these have brought back so many terrific memories of my grandmother, who we called simply 'granny'. I can't believe I am remembering so many story lines. Both your summaries and the ones being posted on 'imdb' have been both informative & interesting.. they add a lot to the understanding of the show. I hope Retro TV brings back other phenomenal soaps of that era such as 'Somerset' as well as the original show it 'spunned' off from, Another World. It is so cool watching other epochs of life in America again, "IN COLOR!" as nearly all of us 'latter-boomers' (as I coined it) did, as children. -Ed