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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Y&R: Six Random Thoughts for December 2015

Here are another six random thoughts about "The Young and the Restless" - December 2015. There probably will be spoilers, so that's your warning.

  1. Joe Clark (Scott Elrod) has left Genoa City after his framing of Cane (Daniel Goddard). Handcuffs were part of his departure. The character was floundering so I understand why he was written out though I wish the actor well in primetime. 
  2. Still not sure what to think about Jason Thompson taking over the role for the departing Burgess Jenkins. We'll have to see, while I understand why Burgess is going (the commute as he doesn't live in LA), Jason Thompson doesn't scream Billy for me. Of course, I'm most amused that Jason is going from playing Tristan Rogers' son-in-law on General Hospital to Tristan's stepson on Y&R.
  3. So Chloe came to town just to run Adam over, and now things are back to where they were. That is so strange.
  4. Jack giving Victor 500 million was ludicrous. Really, only senior management lost their jobs over the holidays. Also why would anyone let Victor get away with this, did Abby, Victoria and Nick all lose their 500 million each from Victor. Would Abby want her mother's family to be bankrupt and all those people to go without? I really don't think so. Also this mess is completely not relatable as most people don't have even thousands to spare.
  5. Phyllis was all about revenge, but once Jack wanted to tell the truth of Victor's behavior she wanted him to shut his mouth. Really, is this mess finally over please say yes.
  6. So Summer is back in time for her 21st birthday, to get drunk and all that. I hope she gets annoyed when she finds out about all the lies going around with her family.
So those are my thoughts about Y&R this December 2015.

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