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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Inside Soap Awards for 2014

Inside Soap is a UK-based soap opera publication. I typically don't read it, because of not being up-to-date with overseas shows and spoilers. I made an exception for their awards.

Here is a link to the short list of nominees and here is the list of the winners. What I find interesting is they separate out soaps as daytime and just as soaps. They also have a drama category for shows that aren't soaps exactly. As someone only familiar with Neighbours and Hollyoaks, it was nice to see that Neighbours got the best daytime soap, though again I can't judge the quality of Doctors (never have seen it) or Home and Away. Hollyoaks got three awards, the actor who plays Dodger named Danny Mac in real life (on screen the character is also called Mark as Sienna who loves him even though it is incest, but she's crazy...) Nikki Sanderson, who plays Maxine got best actress, prior to Hollyoaks was on another UK soap. The best storyline was the one about Maxine being abused by Patrick. It seems like Hollyoaks fans are really interested in the Blake family due to these wins.

While it is disappointing that we don't have American soap opera awards anymore, it is great to see that they continue on in other countries.

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