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Monday, October 20, 2014

GH: 6 Random Thoughts (Carly & Franco Edition)

My last random thoughts post for General Hospital was rather negative, so I hope this one has a more positive tone. This particular six focuses mainly on the Carly and Franco plot.

  1. The necklace that Franco gave Carly was so ugly. How ugly was it? So ugly that I thought it was won at in a machine at a carnival. (No offense to carnival games.) 
  2. Franco going to Heather and enlisting her in getting back at Carly. As if people won't be suspicious if they see her at the ceremony.
  3. Joss wants to be corn again on Halloween instead of going to the wedding. Can she at least get a new outfit? They make other corn costumes. 
  4. I hope Maxie gets money for planning Carly's wedding. Though it must be said it was cool to see Lucas with his female relatives that aren't Jeromes.
  5. While it is awful to see your fiance having sex on camera like Franco did; I feel more sorry for Michael as Sonny and Carly had sex in his living room. It is one thing to think about your parents having sex in their own home, it is another for it to happen in your home. If he found out they did it there, it may be nearly as traumatizing as
  6. I hope that no one gets hurt at Carly and Franco's wedding even though I bet some people would prefer a hospital visit to watching those nuptials. 
So that's what I think of this story as it is today. We'll see what happens on Halloween.

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