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Monday, October 27, 2014

Thoughts on The Doctors - January 1968

Another month's worth of episodes of "The Doctors" has aired on RetroTV. Below are my thoughts on what has aired.

Nick, Althea and Liz are dealing with the fall out of the pregnancy and the end of Liz and Nick's engagement. Althea had a miscarriage off screen and now is tending to her daughter Penny, who we aren't seeing. Liz left the hospital to get herself together and on the last episode of the month is attacked by a neighbor. Nick's new lab assistant is Martha Allen, a widow who doesn't take his garbage.

Matt and Maggie are dealing with Karen trying to come between them though Matt is oblivious to her obvious moves. On Maggie's birthday, Karen kept Matt away from their home. Karen believes women are responsible for the success or failure of a marriage. Matt's professional career is also in jeopardy as newspaperman Nathan Bunker is trying to dig up dirt on Hope Memorial. Nathan became paralyzed and lost his wife in an accident, after Matt was the doctor attending to them. Bunker wants to use the situation with Liz to cause the hospital to fire Matt from his chief of staff position.

Bill and Ruth are still dealing with not being able to adopt a child yet. Ruth continues to get closer to Danny and even invited him to their home. Danny became irate though once he realized that Ruth and Bill wanted to adopt a baby.

John Rice is dealing with Polly, and we've yet to see her nieces on camera. Steve and Karen sparred on interns night. Carolee and Steve still flirt, but it seems like there is nothing else to their relationship at this time. Carolee pushed Steve away as he flirted with Liz, while on his date with Carolee.

Those are the highlights of the January 1968 episodes of "The Doctors". If one wants to see what soaps once were, they should check this program out as it isn't as "dated" as one would think. Yes some of the clothing and behavior is different than today's norm, but at this point and time the story seems rather realistic.

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