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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Days: Sami left Salem

October 30, 2014 marked the last regular appearance of Alison Sweeney as Sami Brady for the foreseeable future. Below I summarize the character's write off along with any other general thoughts I had about the character.

Sami left town along with her children to go to Los Angeles to make a movie of her life. Her oldest married son Will (Guy Wilson) went along with her as the screenwriter. (He'll be off the show about a month, but we don't have an exact return air date for the character.)

Part of the reason Sami left Salem was the death of her husband EJ (James Scott). He also decided to depart the program, but instead of giving them a happily ever after together, they had the character be murdered by Clyde's henchmen during a drug deal gone bad. The way the story was written the audience knows who is responsible for EJ's death, but everyone else believes it was a robbery that became a murder. His body was stolen and fake ashes were given to Sami, which leaves the door slightly open for the character to return.

Sami said goodbye to everyone before leaving town or at least many of the most important people in her life. Not all of the goodbyes happened on her last day, but that was to be expected. Her Mom and Dad (Marlena and Roman), brother Eric, Abe (wow, shocking Abe then again there was a Sabe fanbase not kidding), Kate and Lucas were on screen with Sami during Ali's last scenes. Considering the character's long history in Salem with Kate as her evil mother-in-law (as she was married to both Austin and Lucas) and Lucas being the father of two of her kids that she knew since they were teens. Having them there along with her family made sense. Abe's son Theo is the one Dimera relative that Sami gets along with and he loves his cousins.

As departures go, I'm amazed they didn't go further with it as Days had a long term to plan. Meaning more flashbacks and goodbyes, but some things like having her reach a truce with Nicole were a pleasant surprise.  While it is a refreshing change for someone to leave town alive and well, it felt like this was a see you again some day and not final closure. For a character like Sami and Alison Sweeney who was with the show for 22 years this seemed appropriate.

This amazing video not created by me that is on YouTube shares Ali's favorite moments at Days.

Good look to Ali in her future endeavors. I know we'll continue to see her throughout the next stage of her career.

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