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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Neighbours Halloween Web Series

During the week of Halloween, there was a special Neighbours Halloween web series called Neighbours Vs Zombies. While the show wasn't canon, it was a bit hilarious. Below there will be spoilers about the program.

As someone who only started watching Neighbours this year (thanks to Hulu posting episodes), a lot of it wasn't understandable to me. The characters returning to Erinsborough had died on camera years earlier. So I didn't have the thrill of long lost players. Since it wasn't canon though even if someone did show up as a zombie, it doesn't mean they can't return in the regular show. (The list of characters that were seen on screen as zombies were Stingray Timmins, David Bishop, Drew Kirk and Robbo Slade.)

A lot of the video story was told from the POV of a character named Hope. From reading comments, Hope was a character that was born on Hollyoaks in the 90s, but hasn't been seen in many years. The actress who played Hope (Louna Maroun) also sang the parody version of the theme song and was part of the production crew.

The regular characters that are in "Neighbours" met their dearly and not-so-dearly departed friends and relatives. Toadie went to find his former wife with his current wife and they were both eaten. This was off screen, so we didn't see what happened, but if one would venture a guess they got it. The one thing I found strange was at first the people who were infected had issues slowly, but then everyone got ravaged extremely quickly.

Karl tried to come up with a cure for the disease once Susan was infected. How Drew was willing to sacrifice to help her was actually rather sweet and surprising for a horror parody. In the end, only Karl, Susan, Paul, and Amber were in Harold's with the zombies trying to break into the restaurant. Of course, what happened was all Paul's fault as he was trying to figure out a way to bring Kate back from the dead. (We don't see Kate though in this form.) I think this tops all of Paul's crimes over the years: ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE. David Bishop somehow survived this in zombie form, but since I don't know the character I figure I missed a great joke.

Thankfully this is viewable throughout the world on YouTube.com. Below I link the playlist, which also includes behind the scenes footage.

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