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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Random Soap Topics - November 2014

This post is about things that I can't really create full topics about, but I wanted to write about. So here goes.

In North Korea, some party members were executed for watching soap operas from neighboring country South Korea. Click the link from the UK newspaper, "The Telegraph".

My Mom was at the hairdresser in the last week, and admittedly she doesn't watch any daytime soaps. The only memory I have of her watching a soap knowingly and by choice was when I was in preschool. The other person who was getting her hair done wanted to watch "The Young and the Restless". My Mom's point of view was the acting was bad and how come there were so many female characters mentioned by name that weren't shown. I love my Mother, I really do, but I had to explain to her how they have one take normally. Also that since there are over 250 episodes made in the average year, they need a larger cast than a regular prime time show, and that the 30 minute "The Bold and the Beautiful" does have a smaller amount of regular characters. I don't even want to know what she'd think of "General Hospital" if she had her hair done while a Nurses Ball episode was airing, but I digress.

There were also changes for SAG-AFTRA in regards to the Network Television Code (or Netcode for short). The union and the broadcast networks renewed this last week, and this was the last step in unifying the legacy television contracts per Ken Howard, the president of the union. The contract covers everything on network television except scripted prime time programs, so if it is a game show, a soap opera, a talk show, a reality show or sports, it is included. First run syndicated programming (drama and comedy) are also included, though it looks like syndicated talk shows may not be, as they weren't listed. To read exact information about the changes check out "The Hollywood Reporter".

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