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Friday, November 21, 2014

GH: Michael Corinthos Becoming Michael Quartermaine

The newest character on General Hospital is Michael Quartermaine as the former Michael Corinthos has completely changed. While some may think it is for the worse, I feel it is for the better as it gives Chad Duell a lot to work with as an actor. Below are my highlights of this situation in Port Charles over the month of November.

Michael was devastated to find out that both Carly (Laura Wright) and Sonny (Maurice Benard) were lying about how his biological father AJ (Sean Kanan) was murdered. Sonny committed the crime as he believed that AJ killed Connie (Kelly Sullivan). In truth, Ava (Maura West) murdered Connie and allowed AJ to take the blame. Since AJ was exonerated of the crime, she felt that she got away with it. Sadly, AJ went to his grave not knowing that he was innocent. Carly discovered the truth as AJ told her on his deathbed. Instead of sharing this news with Michael, she kept her mouth shut feeling her son shouldn't lose both his fathers. In Michael's mind, this was the wrong decision. Franco (Roger Howarth), Carly's now former fiance, discovered the secret and showed a recording of Carly and Sonny post-sex discussing AJ's death. Poor Michael had to deal with the knowledge of his parents having sex in his home and also lying to him. (Another casualty in this mess is Duke, but Michael wasn't close to Duke, so his protection of Sonny isn't as big of a deal in Michael's mind.)

After discovering that his parents were lying, he also found out that his girlfriend Kiki (Kristen Alderson) and brother Morgan (Bryan Craig) had known the truth for about a month. They didn't have proof of Sonny or Ava's behavior, but Ava shared the truth with her daughter Kiki, while Morgan got confirmation from Sonny. While it was wrong for them to keep it a secret, it wasn't out of malice or shame, but because they didn't know the right way to handle it.

Michael, though eschewed everyone and hooked up with Rosalie. They went back to his place with Kiki and had sex. When Kiki arrived, Michael asked Kiki to leave as he wanted to get back to doing what he was doing with Rosalie. I loved this little bit as Michael's grandfather Alan back in his villainous days may have acted in a similar manner.

The Quartermaines found out about what happened to AJ and Monica felt vindicated, though this doesn't bring back her late son. Ned was sympathetic as well, and I hope Michael has some more scenes soon with his biological family. While I like that Michael has a place of his own, it would be fun if he moved into the mansion.

While I think Michael is reacting due to his devastated emotions, I am on his side. AJ didn't ask to framed for murder and then murdered himself. Michael's parents lied to him for months, and he deserves a bit of revenge. That said some day, I hope for the sake of his siblings he can find enough forgiveness to be able to be around his siblings without badmouthing their shared parents.

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Jeannette Rook said...

I personally hate the Change. So if he stays that way. I hope in True Mob Fashion he sees the end of the barrel of the Gun from his mother