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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Thoughts on "The Doctors" - February 1968

Another month's worth of episodes of "The Doctors" has aired on RetroTV. Below are my thoughts on what has aired for the month of February 1968.

Althea is doing well since her miscarriage and is back in town since her daughter Penny is feeling better. Unfortunately for Althea, her relationship with Nick is being scrutinized by the hospital board. As Matt was knew what was going on, he may also lose his position due to the morals clause. There was an amazing scene where Matt explained his feelings and how he if Nick and Althea are sanctioned, that the same should happen to him. This speech made Nathan Bunker have an epiphany. He stopped trying to cause harm to Matt, but instead wanted Matt's help to end his time in a wheelchair.

Earlier in the month, Liz had a difficult time, as she was out on a ledge in a rundown tenement. Her neighbor Joel Finch played by Joe Fabiani decided that he wanted to have sex with her. Liz became upset as she wasn't interested and didn't want to be raped. Liz being on the ledge got on the live local television news. Carolee and John saw the broadcast in the lounge, and Matt and Bill ran to the rescue. Nathan Bunker watched as this was happened and Bernie Barrow best known for his later soap work on both Loving (as Louie) and Ryan's Hope (as Johnny) played a small part.

Karen continued to get closer to Matt, but Maggie knew what she has been doing. Matt is still blind to Karen's activities even with Maggie's warnings.

John Rice is still dealing with Polly and two of her nieces appeared on camera, one of whom is being played by Lanna Saunders (who later played Marie on Days of Our Lives). He tried to implore them to speak with her even if it has been since childhood that they interacted. The moments between the women were rather sweet, even if initially neither woman wanted to see their Aunt Polly.

Ruth nearly had a breakdown and broke her sobriety. Danny ran away from the hospital as he was to be returned to the home for orphaned children. Ruth and Bill kept the boy for the night. Later Ruth and Danny had a heartfelt goodbye as she promised to watch him play ball. Ruth's lust for a baby continued as she broke into the nursery to hold a baby. We don't know if she will face any complications for that. Bill and Ruth were stunned that the baby they could adopt would be in Mrs. Berger's office later in the week.

Carolee, Steve and Liz had an awkward night out together. Eventually Carolee had enough and told the others she had to go. (What is amusing is that in other scenes in that restaurant the waiter was played by  the man that Carolee Campbell married in real life Hector Elizondo.)

Those are the highlights of the February 1968 episodes of "The Doctors". My favorite comedic moment was the "date", while my favorite serious moment was Matt's speech at the board meeting.

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