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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Y&R: The End of Nick and Sharon

Genoa City's Nick and Sharon have had to deal with a lot of turmoil in their relationship. Sharon's stunt of changing Summer's paternity may be the end of their love. Below are my thoughts on what we've seen of this story.

Sharon (Sharon Case) knew she had a secret, but Nick (Josh Morrow) told her numerous times that it didn't matter and they would be together. Sharon was right to be concerned as the moment the truth was revealed their engagement was kaput. She had changed the DNA test that proved that Nick was Summer's (Hunter King) father to make it read that Jack (Peter Bergman) was her daddy. What made it worse was Phyllis (now Gina Tognoni than Michelle Stafford) got into an accident on a stairwell and spent over a year in a coma. While Sharon made progress mentally, she continued to lie. Once she had shock therapy though, Sharon conveniently forgot it all.

Once Phyllis woke up, she interrupted Sharon and Nick's wedding and proceeded to pass out in front of everyone assembled. The ceremony didn't happen and Nick/Sharon decided to wed again on Halloween. Before Sharon could get to the judge, Phyllis tricked her into going to the stairwell. Sharon remembered and then in front of Victor (Eric Braeden), Jack and Nick had to admit everything. Victor had DNA proof that Nick was Summer's father after she stole her hair brush believing it belonged to Faith. Victor had the DNA test done, because Mariah (Camryn Grimes) overheard one of Sharon's nightmares, where she mentioned DNA.

Sharon plead more than once for Nick to take her back, but to no avail. Noah (Robert Adamson) is trying to be sympathetic to everyone as he loves both of his parents. Mariah seems to feel sorry for Sharon even if she helped Victor expose Sharon's secret. Summer is torn between her love for her Nick and what she grew to feel about Jack though she has no confusion about her hatred of Sharon. Faith is stuck in the middle, as she blames her father of the break up, while Nick plans to take Faith away from Sharon for good.

I hope that Nick and Sharon are apart for a long time due to how this story has been resolved. Nick has no reason to trust Sharon anymore, and Sharon shouldn't believe that he would stay even if he did forgive her eventually. At least before everything fell apart, Nick and Sharon fans got to see them have some happy memorable moments.

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