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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Primetime TV Update - October 2014

Here's another post listing shows I've caught or caught up with recently in binge format or viewed over the summer. I'm seasons behind on some shows, but hope to rectify it when possible. This includes show spoilers for some series, but since I'm years behind it shouldn't matter.

Arrow - I finished season 2 of Arrow before the show came back this fall. Unfortunately The CW pushed the two episodes with "The Flash" to the end of the rerun cycle, so I saw the season finale, before ones that took place much earlier.

The Assets- This show on ABC, I binge watched on demand. It was the most non-ABC program I've ever seen as it was a period piece that included subtitles which took place during the Cold War. Based on a book, it was the story of the capture of a US traitor in the CIA who spied for the Soviet Union.

Breaking Bad - I've been watching the "Breaking Bad Binge" episodes on AMC. Since my last update I've seen seasons four, five parts 1 and 2. I just finished it tonight, and I'm still overwhelmed. At least Baby Holly survived...

The Divide - This show was on WE, but had originally been made for AMC. The story took place in Philadelphia and was about the ramifications for families and victims of people on death row.

Finding Carter - On MTV, this continuing program is about the life of a girl named Carter who was kidnapped from her family at three years old. She doesn't remember her life before growing up with the woman who kidnapped her.

The Fosters - On ABC Family, this aired throughout the summer and I watched it week to week. They took the risk and had a character end a non-viable pregnancy.

Halt and Catch Fire - On AMC, this show aired Sunday nights over the Summer. It started slowly, but became fascinating and was about life in the Texas computer industry in the early 80s. The best character IMO was Donna who had to deal with the glass ceiling and managing both home and work life.

The Honorable Woman - On The Sundance Channel all Summer, but I watched over a weekend. The eight-part program starring Maggie Gyllenhaal was about the Stein siblings Nessa and Ephra and everything that happened to them. The show isn't for the faint of heart as it was unexpectedly bloody.

Reckless - Aired on CBS over the summer, the main story was about police corruption in the south. Unfortunately it has concluded and wasn't picked up, but at least the major trial was resolved.

Rectify - On The Sundance Channel all Summer, but I binge watched this as well. The ten-part season two further complicated the mystery of Hanna's death as we still don't know the killer.

Switched at Birth - On ABC Family, this aired throughout the summer and I watched week to week. This season was about the Bay and Daphne's final months in high school. It will be back in December for a Christmas special.

Turn - On AMC, this program aired on Sunday nights and was about life during the Revolutionary War for both Patriots and Tories. The main action took place in the state of New York, though unfortunately it wasn't filmed there. The show has been renewed.

The 100 - I watched this on demand all Summer, but the first season aired on The CW. The show is about life on a space station and how its destruction leads to people being sent back to earth. The planet had been contaminated in a nuclear war, and the settlers discovered people survived.

So that's my list of recently watched shows. As usual I have numerous shows that I have on my list to watch or rewatch in the next few months. (I didn't include Dallas on TNT, as I gave it its own entry instead of just a few sentence summary on the program.)

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