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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Y&R: Nick and Sharon's Engagement Parties

"The Young & the Restless" had a special episode on September 30, 2014 celebrating the engagement of Nick (Josh Morrow) and Sharon (Sharon Case). The two separate parties became one larger event that ended in arrests.

The episode began with everyone in the drunk tank, and then a six hours earlier notice was posted. That way we saw exactly what happened. Sharon in a white bikini, was about to seduce Nick, but he was already gone with the guys. Sharon was taken to the club with the girls, but having a party on the roof in the rain wasn't a great idea. Nick was taken in the Jabot van, which smelled of perfume to the football field. Jack was driving the vehicle. Eventually due to the rain, everyone ended up in the same bar. (While this is going on Phyllis broke into Sharon and Nick's home and discovered Sharon's traffic violation.)

The guys at the party at the football field with Nick were: Neil, Noah, Kevin, Austin, Jack and Devon. Cane was with Lily first, but joins the guys later. The guys talk about Nick's past with Sharon among other things like how Jack and Nick swapped relationships with Phyllis and Sharon. (Of course, the fact they are still so friendly even after everything falls under only in soapland.) The ladies at Sharon's party were: Victoria, Abby, Summer, Lily (who helped arrange it), Kelly, Nikki and Mariah. There was some snarky remarks based on history, but everyone got along while at the club.

Stitch and Ashley also went to the dive bar to work, but they didn't get much of anything done. Tyler also was there adding awkwardness. Sharon danced with a stripper at the bar, which looked like fun. Nick and Sharon also looked thrilled to be together. Things deteriorated from there, as Nikki drank again and a lot of the characters became drunk and belligerent. A man Michael put into prison was at the bar, and confronted him. Even though Neil is blind, he got in the man's face. Then Lily got involved defending her Dad. At that point, everyone started fighting especially Mariah and Abby.

While everyone was sitting in jail, Nick and Sharon remained happy. There was a speech by Jack about family. (Harding and also Courtney are seen in their roles at the police station.) The bar owner decided to charge everyone, and we were told that Billy paid to bail the group out, so they could go home.

This episode reminded me of a 90s era Guiding Light episode as the beginning with the men felt like a redo of Hamp's all-male Bachelor Party episode as there was also a van in that and a football field. GL also did an all-ladies Bachelorette party (the majority of the episode was women) for Eve, but I didn't see much in common with that. It was a fun episode with a comedic bent that can only be done on a soap due to the large cast size.

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