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Monday, September 8, 2014

B&B: Six Random Thoughts for September 2014

Here are my six random thoughts about "The Bold and the Beautiful".

  1. Aly and Ivy have become allies. I like this as they are relatives as Ivy's Dad is Aly's Great Uncle. Having two women hang out and not fight over a man is a positive thing. Since Aly sees Liam like a brother, hopefully she won't suddenly "like" him as more than a friend.
  2. Caroline and Ridge's new partnership is interesting. We'll see if it leads to something beyond friendship as while Katie knows what is going on Rick has no idea. 
  3. Maya and Carter are over, and now she seems to want Rick again. While I'm glad Maya and Carter ended as they were so underwritten, I hope this isn't just a plot to make her insane.
  4. Why does Bill need to marry Brooke? Why isn't it enough for him that they are together?
  5. I like that Bill told Quinn that Wyatt isn't his only child and still wants Liam to be happy. 
  6. Hope seems to be jealous of Ivy's interest in Liam even though she is married to Wyatt. Will she follow her mother Brooke's path and become an adulteress. 
I'm hoping that for the rest of 2014, we get more romance and fun in Los Angeles.

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