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Friday, September 19, 2014

Y&R: The Chuck Pratt News

Last night (September 18, 2014), it was confirmed by Daytime Confidential that Chuck Pratt is in at "The Young and the Restless" as the show's new head writer. Feelings on this are mixed, and below I'll discuss mine.

As someone whose viewing history with Pratt goes back to Santa Barbara, my thoughts are all over the place. Y&R is such a different show than the other programs that Chuck is known for whether they are in daytime like Santa Barbara or General Hospital or in nighttime like Melrose Place and Ugly Betty. His stint on All My Children was nearly universally panned though I must admit I had less issues with it than others. (My biggest complaints about his AMC time had to do with the Stuart "death" story...and how Erica was written, but I wasn't as horrified as other eras.) I could actually sit down and watch All My Children though it didn't feel like AMC.

With Y&R, I have no idea what it will mean. I think for everyone that's the biggest thing. What does it mean for the cast on screen and off? The characters we may find important could disappear and no one get introduced. That is always the risk when you have a new person in the head writer's chair. For everyone's sake I hope that the show survives whatever happens in the coming months.

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