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Sunday, December 23, 2018

Thoughts about "The Doctors" - February 1977

Another month's worth of episodes of "The Doctors" has aired on RetroTV. Below are my thoughts on what has aired for the month of February 1977.

Jerry and Penny's new landlady became Michael Paul's new babysitter. Her name was Rose Ryan (and is played by Scott Bryce's real life mother.) This happened because Maggie became livid over Nola and Matt's friendship. She found them dancing together instead of babysitting and Matt seemed happier with Nola than he did with Maggie. Althea suggested to Maggie that perhaps she should take a speaking engagement somewhere to use her medical skills and get away. Althea found an offer at Hudson in New York, where Maggie spend some time in medical school (two years). Matt and Maggie were sleeping in separate bedrooms, and once Maggie tried to go to Matt, and he ignored her. Later Matt tried to go to Maggie, but she was out, so she didn't know he tried.

In other news, Kyle Wilson, an architect, came to town. He designed a new intensive care wing for the hospital. He wanted to meet Matt, but Matt declined spending time with the board members at Mona's house. Maggie went to the party and chatted with Kyle.

Barney still didn't know about Joanie, but was released from the hospital. Lew moved out as Eleanor helped him get a job at the Madison Arms. The work came with a room, which was good news for him. Nola was suspicious of Luke's intentions with Eleanor, and told her brother, it is one thing to use a woman in Colorado and another in Madison. Sara's past was mentioned, as she wanted a real relationship with love, not just a lonely divorcee like Jerry's friend.

Stacy was still in Canada, while Paul traveled between the Toronto airport and Madison. Jason seemed to miss his stepdaughter, and hadn't been able to reach his estranged wife to tell her about Stacy's marriage and pregnancy. Jerry also spoke to Rudy Winston about the case (off screen) as Joan Dancy's brother not as a member of Jason Aldrich's team.

Steffy got better the rheumatic fever didn't do permanent damage even though she had a tracheotomy due to a reaction to the penicillin. It was such an emergency that Steve had to help Ann with the surgery. Emma came to see her granddaughter, and Billy and Steve reconciled. Billy decided to move out of the Powers house and into Mona's home. MJ left town to get away from Steve, but decided Madison was home and returned. She spent time with her brother Darren too. Steve proposed to Ann, and they decided to get married once his divorce from Carolee was finalized. (It was going to end due to Carolee's abandonment, but upon hearing it was over, Steve seemed upset instead of relief and joy.) Carolee wanted to return to Madison, but still wasn't fully functioning mentally. Dr. Brandt told Claudia that perhaps they should ignore what was said by Mary Ellen's sister and the random caller (also Ann) and listen to her. Carolee got a cab and got to the train station, but couldn't get away. She was running a fever and couldn't leave. Carolee also imagined them talking about their home (which was really small on Maple Avenue though it had multiple bedrooms).

Those were the highlights of "The Doctors" for February 1977. There is only one missing episode - February 18. This month moved quickly, but I'm looking forward to finally seeing Carolee in Madison.

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