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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Thoughts about "The Doctors" - March 1975

Another month's worth of episodes of "The Doctors" has aired on RetroTV. Below are my thoughts on what has aired for the month of March 1975.

Dawn ended up taking care of a little boy who was abandoned by his mother. Eventually the little ones mother was located, and Dawn had to return him. Mike felt there was no way that Toni would be like that with a child. Meanwhile Toni wanted to have another baby right away, this time a girl, so Alan could be be the biological father. Both Carolee and Steve felt this was not a good idea.  We also saw Mike imagine what things could be like in Madison, with both his father and Toni.

Greta went and got help, which didn't work. She didn't want to listen to Chuck Weldon. Tom acted on his jealousy of Chuck and told Althea. They kissed again. When Althea and Tom were out on a date, they ran into Iris, who fainted. They still haven't figured out what Rex has done to her, though she did have a heart attack, and is currently in the hospital.

Andy Anderson began singing at Pete's and was successful. A lot of the month was spent with him performing at Pete's PM. Lauri's agent Harry, convinced Andy to record a record, and he swore it was only for the money, as he wants to be a neurosurgeon not a singer. Matt joked that he could be getting a new career being a talent agent.

Steve and Carolee spent their anniversary apart, as he had to go to a medical convention. They did remember before they left, and thought the other forgot, though they "trolled" the audience by showing us his swimwear, which never could air in those days. We had flashbacks of Nick, and mentions of Steve seeing him while out west. Ann wasn't happy in the desert, and felt that Nick was there because he felt he needed to be.

Hank continued to study for his boards, Lauri made a hat for Carolee. Karen is out of the hospital, she is getting friendlier with Erich. They went skating, and a reluctant Erich had a good time with her.

Stacy Wells was introduced, she goes to Baldwin which is about 2 hours from Madison. She's related to the Aldrich clan by marriage, as her mother Doreen is married to Steve's older brother Jason, who is still in Texas. Jason was worried about Stacy, and asked Steve to check up on her. He saw that she had sleeping pills, but couldn't get her to confide in him fully. Stacy is studying art, and in love with a visiting professor named Peter, who is 31, and his married. Peter's wife Linda who is 35 confronted her, about the relationship, and proved that it was all a lie. They hadn't slept together yet, Carolee wanting to help decided to meet Stacy. Maggie as an offhanded comment, mentioned Carolee going out of town for a stranger, and Karen decided to take advantage of that.

Those were the highlights of March 1975, and no episodes were missing or lost. I started and then came back to finishing this, so if anything is inaccurate I apologize.

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