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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Days: Likes & Yikes 2017

Below are my Likes and Yikes for "Days of Our Lives" for 2017.

I'm a bit torn about Days in 2017, so we'll see how it goes with the commentary.

Likes: Having Chloe's baby, be Nicole's instead of her own. I didn't love the entire story, but at least it was a different twist. Deimos, you are not the father, as Chloe is not the mother, so a paternity and maternity issue.

Yikes: Nicole and Brady on the run in Canada. That was beyond bad, the people in the community, Nicole being blackmailed for sex, I was glad it was over, and felt sorry for everyone involved. When the most positive comment is good on the guest actors to get paid and keep their union health insurance, this is a problem.

Likes: Steve and Kayla remarried, and Stephanie came for the day. If their daughter hadn't been there, I would have been pissed, so good on them for figuring out a way to bring her back.

Yikes: I wish I cared about Tripp, but I don't. Then again how he came to be, and how the last time we saw Ava, (though not this year) forced Steve to have sex... Steve swapped one son for another, and well having both his boys be either murders or attempted ones, just is a bit awful.

Likes/Yikes: Drew and Shane returned, but Drew was no longer a bad guy, just a weird inventor. Shane faking being Stefano, well at least the actor got some work.

Likes/Yikes: So in a year, Hope gets out of prison, and then eventually is made police commissioner. Really, how realistic is that, not at all...

Likes: Will is alive, so is Kristen and sounds like EJ is too. (And Paige remained dead...the poor midwife that got killed, did they forget all about her when talking about Ben's victims.)

Yikes: The Amulet, what was the point.

Yikes: Jungle Madness, insanity on a set...

Yikes: David Banning dying off screen, and Hope being with Rafe instead of Julie, which is awful considering David was her nephew.

Likes: Glad that Nicole and Eric ended the way they did, and Brady was bitter.

Likes: Julie and Chloe buying TBD, having it called Doug's Place...

Likes/Yikes: The concept of Hattie and Bonnie replacing Marlena and Adrienne due to Anjelica, I didn't like. The execution was better than the story, which is a positive. At least it didn't last as long as it could have. Having Lucas in bed with a dead body was very cruel, and there wasn't enough follow through of that point.

Likes/Yikes: The joy everyone had about Will not being dead, the yikes having everyone hate on Sonny for keeping his mouth shut for under 3 days.

Yikes: Dario and Abigail marrying for a silly made up reason, just to slow down Chad and Abby from getting back together. Gabi, Chad and Abby's triangle stopped, and now seems to have been replaced with Gabi tossed between Eli, Lani, and JJ. Finding out that JJ and Lani slept together when he was drunk and blacked out, makes me like her less.

Yikes: JJ shooting Theo, and it being more about JJ than the victims of the crime.

So those are my likes and yikes for 2017. The show was uneven, but we had two different writing teams at Days of Our Lives, this past year, and it showed.

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