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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

New Year's Eve in Soapland 2017 to 2018

New Year's Eve can be a big event in US soaps. Below are quick write-ups about what happened when 2017 became 2018 in daytime.

"The Bold and the Beautiful" ignored and did not celebrate New Year's Eve on screen. So there is nothing to write about in this post, but I can do so in another entry later this month.

"Days of Our Lives" had a New Year's celebration that carried into 2018 - January 2, 2018 to be exact. The main event was the party at Doug's Place. The new character of Stefan O. DiMera appeared, and it was announced that Vivian was his mother. Stefan is played by Tyler Christopher, and Louise Sorel, has returned at Vivian. The majority of the action happened at the party, which was being hosted by the DiMera clan.  Elsewhere Will and Paul shared a New Year's Eve kiss, and Brady and Eve do too, they are interrupted, but then go back to his room. Jennifer and Eric went to the party together, but ended up on Ciara duty, as she was drunk and upset over Rafe cheating on her mother.

"General Hospital" had mayhem on the menu. Carly set up Jason, and got him on the Haunted Star with Sam. They played dominoes, reminisced and kissed, before Drew arrived on the drifting boat. Drew's car was tampered with, and he spent some time with Kim. Due to Cassandra, Valentin and Anna spent New Year's Eve together tied up, though with the help of Anna's bracelet, they escaped. Finn was drugged by Cassandra, and believes he injured her. Anna found Finn, while Valentin and Nina reunited. Ava found out what Griffin was up to finding a way to cure her, they made up, and then were intimate. Lulu and Dante were at the New Year's Eve party at the Metrocourt, and talked about her work. Sonny and Carly were together at that party, and also interacted with Michael.

"The Young and the Restless" celebrated New Year's Eve for 2018 on December 29, 2017 (US airing). Victor and Nikki renewed their vows, and the event was a public relations event at the ranch. It seems though they are going to make it work even if the love isn't what it once was. Nick saw Abby and Scott kiss "goodbye" after the ceremony. Beforehand, Nick and Chelsea were together in their penthouse discussing renovations. Nikki visited Victoria, and told Reed about her alcoholism. Reed was caught drinking and driving after Mattie called the cops on him. Reed was frustrated as both his parents have been arrested and turned out fine, so he didn't think it was a big deal. JT decided to stay in Genoa City for now to help his son, though he doesn't have a marriage to return to in DC. Jill set up a party for Cane and Lily to spend New Year's Eve alone together. They hugged, as both were too shy to kiss, while Esther and Jill watched. Hilary alone on NYE spends it with Devon, as they both happen to be in the same place. Hilary has come to love Cane's baby Sam.

It looks like New Year's Eve set up things that will happen on three of the four shows. We had the entry of a new character on Days, and potential coupling, GH had drama without forgetting love, while Y&R had a wedding and near reunion. Hopefully stories won't stall out until February sweeps.

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