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Sunday, January 7, 2018

B&B: Likes & Yikes for 2017

This post is my year in review and commentary for "The Bold and the Beautiful" for 2017.

Unfortunately, this year it may not be as many likes as yikes, but we'll see how it goes. For the most part, all of the soaps were disappointing at least for part of the year.

Yikes: If someone wanted Bill and Steffy, they way they finally slept together was not what one would wish for. If someone hated the idea of Bill and Steffy it also was awful. I don't get why B&B tries to do stories with questionable consent, and then fails either way.

Likes: Zende and Nicole getting married, even if it was fast, nice to see those characters on screen for a few episodes.

Yikes: Losing both of the character of Thomas and Zende within the same month. Yes I know the actors' both decided to leave, but there is a vacuum in the cast, we go in age from RJ who is in high school, to Wyatt and Liam who are a bit older. We need some variety.

Yikes: Where are Maya and Rick, and why don't they have any sort of story that last more than two weeks? When the yearly highlights are being caught on accidentally having sex on a jewelry camera, and singing at Christmas there is something wrong.

Likes: Sheila's return was a surprise, and it didn't make me annoyed.

Yikes: Everything that happened once she appeared, who cares about Sheila getting a portrait for the mansion. Let's watch her have a catfight with Quinn more than once.

Likes: The 30th anniversary episode closing scene in Australia, though the 30 year statements on screen made no sense due to the age of Brooke and Eric's kids.

Likes: Brooke getting upset enough at Bill's actions that she left him.

Likes: That Katie and Wyatt are doing something even if it is each other, and it makes no sense that they haven't gone public yet.

Likes/Yikes: So they recast Thorne, and he is a designer. This isn't about Ingo Rademacher, but seriously having Thorne have no kids, and just in love with Brooke again, come on. There is no reason for him to go after her.

Yikes: Thomas and Caroline getting back together. Bill allowed Caroline to lie about her health, and got Thomas back, and now they are off screen with their son. I saw all sorts of colors, as I was livid. I hate the fact Douglas even exists, and now I'm supposed to believe that Caroline would want to be with the guy who took advantage of her when she mixed pills and booze, and blacked out when she conceived the baby. And people wonder why it is hard for soaps to get new audiences, this kind of thing is a nightmare not a romantic fantasy.

Likes/Yikes: So they bring back the Spectras and other than a few appearances by CJ everyone else is new. I like the idea of bringing the family back, but it is frustrating we couldn't see any of the actors who were in the family in the past (though most are "dead" characters). Hey since two of Thorne's love interests were in that clan, it is too bad he didn't come back as a designer working for them, shocking Ridge.

Likes/Yikes: This is somewhere in between. It is weird how a kiss is what broke up Brooke and Ridge (due to him kissing Quinn), and Liam and Sally kissing upset Steffy enough to cheat on him with Bill.

Yikes: Sky, the skyscraper...enough said. Hitting my head against the wall anytime that building was mentioned. Seriously, no idea why they would spend so much time on a fixation.

So that's what I liked and what had me shaking my head sometimes in disbelief and other times in confusion. Hope 2018 is better on "The Bold and the Beautiful" than 2017.

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