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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Thoughts about "Neighbours" - November & December 2016

Here's another installment of my thoughts about Neighbours posts. I'm going to be writing about the episodes that aired in November and December 2016. "Neighbours" will be on hiatus until 2017, which is why this is a combined post.

The Cannings had to deal with the return of Xanthe's mother, Brooke. She was a con artist who owed money and bilked the neighbors with a costume jewelry. One of the people she stole from was Karl, the notorious cheapskate. She also gave costume jewelry to Lauren, but Lauren forgave the Cannings. Due to winning on "Family Feud", the family did have some money to help assuage others. Brooke left without Xanthe though she wanted her daughter to come with her. Xanthe and Ben's relationship hit a bit of a skid, and Brooke's return ended Gary and Terese's dating for now.

Lauren and Brad got married though he had been keeping a secret from her about Ned. The reason Ned ran had to do with how he set fire to Jacka's mother's home. Terese had been helping to pay expenses, but now everything has been cleared up though Ned is in jail without bond. While Ned was away, Elly was busy fending off Angus. She got into trouble at the school due to the teen. They were worried about inappropriate behavior between them, but Elly was cleared. Angus kissed Elly when she was drunk, but she didn't file charges against him. Angus' father came to get him, as Angus got a recording contract outside of Erinsborough.

Lauren and Brad's wedding was short, but fun. We had the throwback of the dancing to the aisle phenomena that had been a viral thing for a bit. The groomsmen and bridesmaids danced up as did the wedding couple. Ned and Piper were paired, Paige was with Carl (as Bailey was a no-show), and Toadie with Steph (as Amber couldn't come due to Matilda being ill). The song used was "Walking on Sunshine" from the 80s, but Katrina and the Waves. Of course, I wonder how old Lauren and Brad are supposed to be as Paige isn't 30, which is about how long ago this song was popular. After this wedding, there was another set of nuptials as her parents' Lou and Kathy said "I do". Susan officiated and the only people there were random strangers in the park. Kathy had held on to her wedding ring from their first marriage and it still fit. When they both came back to town for Lauren, they had been fighting, as they had rekindled their relationship, but things had gone horribly wrong. They'd slept together, Lou misunderstood and left the next morning without saying goodbye. He even attempted to get back together with another ex, but Sheila stopped that from happening.

Jack and Paige's relationship is at a standstill due to differing beliefs. She wanted to the community center to help everyone, but he cannot support things like abortion with his religious background. They just aren't getting along, and in the last episode she and the audience found out that Paige is pregnant with Jack's kid.

Amy found out about the bet between Leo and Elly, which upset Amy, but later Paul found out, which made it even worse for Mr. Tanaka. Leo and David's grandmother died, and she wanted David to find a nice girl, while he was questioning his own sexuality. Leo is trying to get the shed that both Terese and Paul wanted. The two decided to team up together, separate from the hotel arguing, as the former man shed was prime real estate. Paul and Terese needed to pay off Tim after his blackmail was unsuccessful.

Out of frustration over Piper and Angus having sex, Tyler took Tim's car for a joyride totaling it. Piper was able to find evidence against Tim to spare Tyler from jail. Simone had lied about it being her, to have a place to be, which upset Jack. Tyler and Piper reunited, and made love for the first time. (This being Neighbours, we only saw them in bed afterwards.)

Sonia discovered she was pregnant's with Mark's child. She inseminated herself, before everyone agreed 100% about this action. Steph had wanted her to take the morning after pill, but she wasn't willing. At Brad and Lauren's wedding, Mark proposed to Steph, saying yes happily. Mark also caught the bridal bouquet. Toadie though got a shock, a text with a photo from his brother. The image looked like Dee, the wife Toadie lost on the way to their honeymoon.

Those are the highlights for the last five weeks of Neighbours in 2016. We'll see where the story goes next in the new year.

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