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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

B&B & Y&R: Christmas in Soapland 2016

Here is my 2016 rundown of what happened on "The Bold and the Beautiful" and "The Young and the Restless" over the Christmas season.

B&B celebrated Christmas over one episode (December 23, 2016). The main gist was just like Thanksgiving, Eric (John McCook) was contemplating spending the holiday alone due to his marriage to Quinn (Rena Sofer). Zende and Ivy were out of town with their parents, and couldn't attend. Maya, Rick and their family planned to be alone for Lizzie's first holiday. While Brooke, Ridge, and RJ were together. Eventually they joined the others at Brooke's home and Rick read a holiday tale. Liam and Steffy were going to have a quiet holiday at the beach house. Eric called asking everyone to come over for a song. Without prompting Katie with Bill tagging along came to the mansion, due to being neighbors. The show did two holiday songs: "Deck the Halls" and "We Wish You a Merry Christmas", which led into the cast as themselves with Lee Philip Bell and her dog. Like last year, this was very traditional, and while Charlie and Pam were on, they weren't used as strongly as comic relief as in other years.

Y&R had three Christmas themed episodes (December 21-23, 2016). The first had the return of Gloria (Judith Chapman) sans Jeffrey. She surprised her family by jumping out of a present. (I consider this part of Christmas, which is why I'm including it.) This event continues with Gloria snarking on Chloe and Bella, Esther loving her grandchild, and Kevin wanting Gloria to leave it alone. Phyllis goes to this party, being Michael's best friend, and due to Summer being out of town. On the next episode, we see Traci and Ashley celebrating together at the Abbott Mansion. Jack is nowhere to be found, when Billy arrives. There is an argument as normal, and Billy leaves. Jack, Traci, and Ashley share a meal together, even though they are upset with their brothers. The Winters clan plus Jill are at Devon and Hilary's new home. Cane and Lily bring the twins, and Lily shares with Cane how Hilary is lying again to Devon. Eventually Devon is told, but he sides with his wife. The Newmans spend the day at the ranch. Noah and Abby are with Faith, who is living with her grandparents. Nick brings Christian, and Chelsea has a rough time as she is having issues coping with life without Adam. Victor reads the story behind Christmas (Jesus' birth). There is a flashback to Victor lifting Nick on his shoulders to put the star on the tree. We then see Nick continue the tradition by giving the star to Faith. Sharon and Dylan spend the holiday alone, though Mariah gives them presents including cream from her mother, and a headlamp for her stepfather for their next camping trip. They all miss Sully/Christian, and while alone Dylan and Sharon share their grief. Nick stops by and let's them have a visit for Christmas, but that may have done more harm than good. Jill spends some time with Billy, and wishes her son would be with Victoria and the kids at the holidays. She convinces him to come with her to Chancellor Park. Nearly the whole cast is assembled, for caroling to "O Christmas Tree" which was lead by Aileen Quinn, best known to many as Annie in the 80s movie musical. I think by using multiple episode, Y&R did a decent job showing most everyone over the holiday. That said they only showed Christmas Eve, and not Christmas Day, which was an interesting choice. (Considering both fell on the weekend this year, there was no reason to choose one or the other intentionally.)

I wasn't disappointed with either celebration, which was a good thing. There were traditional soap staples, like carols and the Christmas story on display, which tends to put one in the holiday spirit if they enjoy such things.

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